Wedding Decor Checklist: 8 Tips for Beautiful Decor

wedding decor checklist

Your wedding decor is a huge part of your big day, bringing together your vision and helping you create the most beautiful visual statement. There are lots of decor elements that go into a wedding, from signage to ceremony installations, tableware, lights and so much more. The decor you choose will help bring your vision to life, coming together with your florals, venue, dress and overall vibe. Every detail should work together to create your vision and overall theme. Take a look at our wedding decor checklist and best tips to choose gorgeous wedding decor!

How to Choose Your Wedding Decor

1. Stick To Your Personal Aesthetic

Choose decor that fits your personal style. You want to feel comfortable and happy in the space, and this is much more likely to be the case if you choose decor that’s “you”!

Stay true to your aesthetic- you and your guests should walk into your wedding and feel like it suits you completely. If you’re a boho bride, stay away from decor that’s too sleek and modern. Opt for beautiful boho touches like a macrame backdrop, peacock chairs, and a vintage bus like the one below to take you to and from your reception!

wedding decor checklist

2. Choose a Vibe/Mood

Choosing a vibe and decor go hand in hand.  It’s a smart idea to figure out the vibe/mood of your wedding first and then choose decor with it in mind.

For example, if you’ve decided you want your wedding to have a Southern Charm vibe, your decor will be inspired by charming Southern elements. Think: shades of blue, rustic wood accents, gold-accented glassware, vintage chandeliers, and charming party favours like personalized jars of jam or honey.

3. Colour Palette

Your colour palette, along with your mood, will also help inform your decor decisions. Your colour palette should fit with your vibe/mood as well as be guided by your personal aesthetic and preferences.

Choose shades that complement each other- typically around three to five colours make up a palette and work well together. Your decor should incorporate your colours, as well as the overall style of your wedding.

For example, if you’re having a rustic style wedding, you will likely be incorporating elements such as wooden signage, wooden barrels and vintage lanterns.

wedding decor checklist

4. Get Inspired by Your Setting

Your wedding venue should be inspiration for your decor. Note the decorative features your venue has already- chandeliers, stained glass windows, ceiling beams, a decorative accent wall, a gorgeous vineyard view.

You may be able to skip decor in some areas if they’re already well decorated. If you’re getting married outdoors, such as at a beach or winery, you may not need much decor because your setting will already be beautiful.

5. Start with Essentials, Add Splurges At The End

If you’re finding the wedding decor checklist overwhelming, make sure to start with the essentials and leave splurges until the end. The essentials would be pieces such as tables and chairs, dinnerware, lighting and seating chart.

Other items that transform the look and feel of your space are pieces like table runners, centrepieces, an altar backdrop, and table numbers. Signage is a great way to fill out your wedding venue, and place cards and menus are optional, but add a nice detailed touch.

If you have room in your budget, it’s time to add in some splurge items. Pieces like a gorgeous macrame backdrop, lounge furniture, a dessert display, and flower wall are all features that are sure to make an impressive impact.

6. Look Into Rental Companies

Once you’ve decided on your theme and colour palette, it’s time to look into rental companies to make your decor dreams come to life. Before looking into rentals, ask your venue if there’s anything that comes with the space you’ll be renting.

For example, some venues will have chairs, tables, table runners, plates, silverware, and other decor pieces you can use. Then it’s up to you to decide if you’d like to use the pieces they provide, or if you’d like to rent your own.

wedding decor checklist

7. Ceremony

Your ceremony is the first space your guests will walk into- their first impression of your wedding as a whole. Decor elements like your welcome sign, florals, ceremony backdrop and chairs will make a lasting impact.

Depending on your space, you can also consider pieces such as a ceremony flower arch, decorative rugs going down the aisle or one at the end of the aisle where you say your vows, aisle markers, or confetti or flower petals for guests to throw as your walk back down the aisle.

8. Tablescapes

Your tabletop decor is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. If you’re having a sit down dinner, your guests will be spending a lot of time at their table, so all the little details will be noticed and appreciated.

One of the best pieces of advice I got when planning my own wedding was to opt for nice tableware- charger plates, silverware, etc. It wasn’t something I was putting too much thought into at first, but I’m so happy we decided to splurge a little more on it- I know it is going to turn out so beautifully with these added touches.

wedding decor checklist

Wedding Decor Checklist

Ceremony Decor

Welcome sign
Ceremony installation or arch
Ceremony backdrop
Aisle runner
Aisle markers
Confetti or flower petals to throw
Vow books

Cocktail Hour Decor

Cocktail hour sign
Bar display
Drink menu
Signature cocktail list
Lounge seating and tables
Quote signs
Lawn games
Appetizer grazing table
Cocktail tables

Reception Decor

Seating chart
Entrance table
Favours table
Photo booth
Cake stand and topper
Dessert display
Bar display

wedding decor checklist

Dinner Table Decor

Tablecloth/ table runners
Table numbers
Name cards
Place mats
Napkin holders
Salad plate
Dinner plate
Water glass
Wine glass

Entrance Table Decor

Guest book and sign
Card box
Tablecloth or table runner
Framed photo display

The decor for your wedding will be a huge part of your wedding day- helping your vision come to life. Check the essentials off the list and move on to some extra special pieces that will make the day incredibly “you”!