What to Wear (and Pack) to Survive a Long Flight

Next week I’m heading to my all-time favourite vacation spot and I’m bursting with excitement. It may be nice and warm in Toronto this week, but it’s no 30 degrees, and there’s really nothing like a good beach getaway. The only part I’m not really looking forward to is the long flight. I don’t mind flying and I love packing and going to the airport, but ten hours in the air is a lot in my books. But I’ve taken this flight many times before and I’ve taken even longer ones, so I’ve complied some fool-proof tips on how to survive a long flight.

Comfortable clothes and footwear are key when you’re on an airplane for the long haul, and don’t forget a blanket/wrap. It may be hot when you touch down, but you better believe that planes blast the AC when you’re up in the air, and there’s nothing worse than freezing on a plane. And bringing your own snacks and a water bottle is a no-brainer to keep you hydrated and fueled for a long flight. If you want to relax and fall asleep, don’t forget a good pair of head phones and a soothing playlist. Oh, and an eye mask that soothes and relaxes tension in your face never hurt either.

Read on to check out my 7 essential items for surviving a long flight!

Long Flight Essentials

I just bought this jumpsuit from Aritzia and know that it will be perfect for a long flight! It’s incredibly comfortable and jumpsuits always make you look put together with minimal effort. It’s lightweight, strapless, and has a nice drape to it that allows for maximal leisure. You don’t even have to think about putting an outfit together. With a jumpsuit, it’s pretty much done for you.

Water bottle
If you read my post on in-flight beauty essentials you know hydration is KEY to surviving a long flight. And how better else to keep hydrated than filling up a water bottle throughout your flight. The tiny cups of water they give you on planes just don’t cut it, so make sure you either buy a big bottle once you’re past security, or bring one with you to keep filling up! Your skin -and entire body for that matter, will thank you.

I always take a blanket scarf with me on flights, even in the middle of summer. Actually, the summer is when you need them most because they blast the AC. This tapestry blanket is made with the softest Australian wool and is perfectly over-sized so you can bundle up and watch a movie or catch some z’s. I also really love the colours and patterns on this one – it’s just right for the warmer weather.

Sneakers are the most suitable footwear for a long flight. First of all, the trek through the airport requires comfortable and practical shoes, and second of all, even if your destination is hot, you’ll want to wear closed-toes footwear, because, again, AC. There’s nothing worse than having cold feet on a 10-hour flight. Ankle socks and sneakers are musts. And with a casual jumpsuit, they’re a perfect match.

Ear buds
Any ear buds will do, but if you’re on a long flight, a good pair is essential, and these ones even have volume control. Another must-have for a long plane ride is an AWESOME play list! Make sure you get all your favourite songs on before taking off. You can only watch so many movies, and some planes don’t even have movies, so music is key. Plus, it can help you fall asleep by eliminating annoying airplane noise.

Protein bar
If you’re like me (and most of the world) you probably don’t love plane food. I try to eat a big meal before my flight and on any stop-overs so I don’t go hungry if the plane food looks less than appetizing (or is crazy expensive). Bringing protein bars along with you is a great way to ensure you stay satisfied on a long flight. I absolutely love Clif Bars and they have such an awesome assortment of flavours. Coconut chococlate chip has to be my fave.

Eye mask
This eye mask is a four-layer bundle of dreamy relaxation. One of the layers is the Binchotan charcoal sheet that emits Infrared rays, increasing blood circulation. It relieves eye fatigue, relaxes the muscle around your eyes, and even soothes headaches. It’s perfect if you want to relax and get some sleep on an airplane, especially a long-haul flight.

Do you guys have any items you can’t live without on a long flight? Let me know in the comment section below! And if you loved this post, don’t forget to share it with your pals on Pinterest!

Love it or hate it, it’s important to be comfortable when you travel on an airplane. If long flights make you restless and cramped, check out what to wear and pack to survive a long flight. You’re sure to arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed.



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    May 3, 2016

    I love this post and I love your blog! I love the jumpsuit idea. My similar favorites for flights is a maxi dress. It’s like wearing a blanket. Thank you for your tips!

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      May 3, 2016

      Thanks for the kinds words, glad you found the post helpful 🙂 And I agree, maxi dresses are ideal travel wear!!!