Like it or not, winter is officially here. The frost, chill and flurries have come and they show no sign of slowing down, which means we’ll be spending much more of our time in our humble abodes, cuddling up with a glass of wine and reading some of our favourite novels.

A change of the seasons is a great time to switch up different aspects of your home décor. For winter, soft textures, warm palettes and plaid patterns will turn your space into a cozy dwelling you can’t wait to snuggle up in after a long day.

The changes don’t have to be drastic or expensive, just a few additional accessories to give your space a more comfortable feel. From whimsical string lights to a relaxing reading nook, here are 5 ways to create a cozy space for winter.


Faux fur throw pillows

I LOVE bringing out the faux fur pillows in the chilly months. Not only are they soft and comfy, they give a chic, warm look to your space. Add them to your couch, arm chairs and bed to create a unified and luxurious feel.

Reading nook

Create a small space for yourself that you declare your reading nook- a small armchair with your coziest blanket and plushest pillow, for instance. Don’t bring your laptop and keep your phone far from arms reach; this nook is for reading books, magazines or whatever paperback your heart desires. A reading nook looks cozy, feels cozy and you’ll be sure to spend a good amount of time cuddled up here.

Whimsical string lights

String lights (or twinkle lights) provide a home with soft, warm lighting that creates a serene and calming ambience. They’re sure to brighten your mood on the gloomiest winter day and they’re really just pretty to look at, so why not add a little glimmer? Above the bed or couch are my favourite spots.

Floor runner/Rug

If you don’t have rugs throughout your home, getting up in the morning can be an icy task in itself. Walking around on a soft rug is SO much better than a chilly hardwood/tile floor. Place a few floor runners or rugs throughout your space to create more warmth and comfort.

Plaid throw blanket

Plaid throw blankets are so quintessentially Canadian and so perfect for winter. The plaid pattern gives off a cabin-y vibe that makes you feel as though you are cuddled up in a comfy cottage. Filling your home with a few plaid patterned throws is a great way to make your space feel cozier.

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Does winter have you craving a cozy home? There are small (inexpensive) changes you can make, from reading areas to whimsical string lights that will make your home feel snug this winter. These cozy home ideas are sure to keep you warm all season long. Click through to read the tips and make sure to pin so others can read it too!
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2 thoughts on “Seasonal Home Decor: 5 Ways to Create a Cozy Space for Winter

  1. Great tips! Thank you for sharing, and even though I’m in the south, we are still coming up on some colder days soon! 🙂

    Posted on December 28, 2016 at 12:57 pm
    1. Hi Callie! Thanks for the comment! Hope it helps for when the colder days hit 🙂

      Posted on December 28, 2016 at 5:21 pm