Our Engagement Photoshoot and 7 Engagement Photo Tips

engagement photo tips

Wow, what a year it’s been! I’ve been pretty quiet on my blog, but if you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll know that me and Stefan tied this knot this September long weekend! This past year has been a rollercoaster for so many brides, and it seems like weddings are going to be a bit up in the air for the foreseeable future. Engagement photos, on the other hand, are one of the things couples can do to keep the excitement going without feeling too disheartened. 

I’ve been meaning to share our engagement photos on here for a while now (we got them done almost a year ago lol!). We originally weren’t even going to get engagement photos done at all. I really hadn’t looked at many engagement photoshoots, so what was filling my mind was cheesy engagement photos of the past. 

After having a meeting with our wonderful photographer, Robin Sassi, we had a change of heart and knew anything she shot would be FAR from the cheesy photos we had imagined. I’m SO beyond happy we decided to go through with them because they turned out beautifully! She captured our love perfectly and I know we’ll love looking back on these photos our entire lives! Here’s a look at our experience with engagement photos, plus 7 engagement photo tips!

engagement photo tips

Our Engagement Photoshoot

Once we decided to do engagement photos, I got to work researching potential places we could shoot at around Toronto. We really wanted our photos to feel natural and cozy, so we decided on Sol Atelier– a photo studio in Toronto’s east end. 

The goal was for it to look like we were hanging out in our own apartment, lazing around, drinking wine and cooking a meal. I think we achieved it! We also did a few shots outside of the Broadview Hotel, which was right around the corner from Sol Atelier. I loved the idea of having two different locations (and of course, getting to wear two different outfits!). 

For the studio portion, I opted for a loose, cream tank from Emma Knudsen and a pair of Levi’s for a comfortable vibe, and for outside of the Broadview Hotel, I wore one of my favourite Aritzia dresses in a gorgeous deep wine colour- perfect for fall. 

engagement photo tips


engagement photo tipsengagement photo tipsengagement photo tipsengagement photo tipsThe day itself couldn’t have gone more seamlessly. Robin is such a professional and made us feel SO comfortable taking our photos. I’m quite used to getting photos taken because of my blog and Instagram, but even Stefan was completely at ease. We made the best out of the space, shooting in multiple different spots all over the studio, so I feel like we have so many different scenes. 

It was such a gorgeous fall day outside so it worked out perfectly to get some shots outside of The Broadview. The day of our engagement photos ended up also being the same day I found my wedding dress, so it will always be one of my favourite days ever! 

7 Engagement Photo Tips for Gorgeous Photos

1. Choose Your Photographer Wisely

There’s no doubt that Robin completely MADE our shoot. As I said, she made us feel so comfortable and gave us ideas for how to “pose” so we could get natural, in-the-moment shots. I felt an instant connection to her when I met her, and after our initial meeting about doing our wedding photos, Stefan felt the same way. It’s so important to have a good relationship with your photographer. This will ensure you’re as comfortable as possible at your shoot and result in beautiful photos.

engagement photo tips

2. Pick a Meaningful Location 

The great thing is, you can pretty much get engagement photos taken anywhere you want. For meaningful photos, pick a location that really feels like you and encompasses your relationship. For example, one of my best friend’s and her husband got their photos done at the summer camp ground they met at when they were kids. We really wanted ours to feel like we were having a lazy day at home, drinking wine and cooking because that’s something we love to do together. Choosing a meaningful location will make your photos that much more special!

engagement photo tips


engagement photo tips3. Bring Props

Robin told us we were by far the most prepared couples she ever shot for engagement photos! I already had so many ideas going into the studio, and I also brought props we could use to make the shoot feel like we really WERE in our apartment. I brought a bottle of one of our favourite wines, as well as a baguette and veggies to place on the island to make it look like we were cooking dinner in our apartment. I also brought one of my favourite cookbooks! Little things like this can make a huge difference and really make the shoot feel like YOU! 

4. Be Confident

This one can be tough, but try your hardest to feel confident and be affectionate with your partner during the shoot. Of course it can feel a bit awkward to kiss and get close while getting your photos taken, but try your best to relax and just enjoy it! Most couples don’t get professional photos taken too often (or ever!), so take advantage of your engagement photos to get some wonderful photos of the two of you. The less shy and more confident you are, the better the photos will turn out!

engagement photo tips

5. Gather Inspiration 

Pinterest, Instagram and blogs are great places to gather inspiration for your engagement photoshoot. Save any photos you love to give you inspiration for your own shoot. You can try to recreate poses and angles you love, as well as the overall feel and vibe of your inspiration board. 

6. Wear Complimentary Outfits

Wearing complimentary outfits is a must! Don’t wear colours that clash with one another and try to dress in the same “vibe” so to speak. If you’re taking cozy photos in your family cabin during wintertime, for instance, cozy sweaters, leggings/jeans and wool cabin socks is a great outfit. If one of you is dressed for summer and the other is dressed for winter, it won’t make much sense. You don’t have to be totally matching, but your colours, vibe and style should work well together. 

engagement photo ideas

7. Incorporate an Activity 

Incorporating an activity can help you both feel less awkward while taking photos. This could be anything from playing with your dog to preparing dinner to going apple picking. Doing an activity will ensure your photos are full of natural movement and are as candid as possible. It will bring out laughter and playfulness and make you feel at ease! 

engagement photo tips

Are you taking your engagement photos soon? Use these engagement photo tips to get gorgeous photos that you’ll love for the rest of your life!