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Happy Friday! I’ve been SO excited to share today’s post with you guys. I got to partner with Minted, one of my favourite brands to upgrade our rental apartment and me and Stefan are SO happy with the results. We moved into this apartment in November and have been working on making it our own. It finally feels so cozy and home-y and we couldn’t be happier about it. If you’re renting right now, you may be interested to know how to make your rental apartment feel like home…today I’m sharing some of my best tips!

I really want people to walk into our apartment and feel like it’s “us”. In our last rental place we never really put in the effort to put our stamp on it because we knew it was temporary, but that’s not how you should be thinking about your rental. Even if you’re just renting it for a year, it’s still your home and you want it to be a space you love waking up and coming home to. Sure, you may not invest in big changes, and you don’t have to! There are plenty of ways to make your rental apartment feel like home in an affordable way! 

Here are my 6 top ways to make your rental apartment feel like home.

1) Coordinate Your Colour Palette

To make your rental apartment feel like home, you’ll want to coordinate your colour scheme. This wall is painted a pretty dark shade so we knew we needed to lighten to space up with our furniture. We chose a white TV stand and lighter coloured art prints to really brighten up the space. We also made sure to accessorize the TV stand with colour-coordinated books, candles and vases. We had this colourful, brightly patterned rug from our previous apartment and it works perfectly to accent the space. In a rental apartment you have to work with what you’re given, but there are so many ways to put your own personality into it and make it feel like your own.


2) Create a Gallery Wall

I’ve wanted to create a gallery wall for so long and I’m so happy I got to work with Minted on this decor project. It’s always a risk buying things online that you haven’t seen in person, but the prints look even better in person than they do on the site. The colours are gorgeous and the prints are so well crafted. My goal was to create a Scandinavian vibe by different style prints with an overarching Scandi feel. As you can see there’s a mix of animals, buildings, outdoor landscapes, abstract designs, etc., but they all work so well together. I was really inspired by the spring inspired art at Minted and it ended up fitting our space perfectly. The gallery wall really brings the whole space together, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

3) Plant Love

A fiddle leaf fig plant has been on my home wish list for so long, and I love how it looks in our space. Plants have a way of bringing joy and life into your home, and especially living in an apartment where there’s not much greenery around, I love having a little bit of the outdoors inside. If you feel like there’s something missing from your space, a plant may just be the solution! It’s a small change that makes a big difference, and there’s no way this room would feel the same without one! I can’t wait to invest in even more plants.

4) Light It Up

I’ve finally jumped on the candle train. You may think I’m crazy, but I’ve never been big into candles until a few months ago. They definitely make your space more home-y and when you find a scent you love, it’s pure magic. I’m not big into candles with really strong fragrances, I love something fresh yet luxurious. But the great thing about candles is there’s something for everyone and you can invest in them based on your preference!

5) Storage, storage, storage

The storage in rental apartments is usually quite lacking… to say the least. It’s often up to you to create your own storage solutions; the biggest task comes in doing it in a stylish way. We made sure to choose a TV stand that not only looked good but had sufficient storage. The cubbies allow us space to display our more stylish possessions, while the drawers offer a “hiding” place for papers and less aesthetically pleasing belongings.

There you have it! My top tips for making your rental apartment feel like home! Are you living in a rental right now? What are some of the things you’re doing to make your space feel home-y? Let me know in the comments!

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How to Make Your Rental Apartment Feel Like Home: You’ll love these rental apartment decorating tips, especially if you’re on a budget. Make your small living room look incredibly stylish and spacious with these ideas!

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