How I Edit Instagram Photos to Create a Cohesive Feed

Last week over on my Instagram account, I asked you guys if you were interested in getting a sneak peek into how I edit Instagram photos. There was a ton of interest (thank you!!!) so I wanted to write this post up right away!

A lot of people have asked what I use to take my photos, and the truth is, all my photos are taken with my phone (I have an iPhone 6s!). I do have a DLSR that I’m learning how to use, but until I get the hang of it, I love the photos my phone is able to capture.

Even with good photos, editing makes all the difference. Before I start, I want to let you know this won’t be a post on how to edit your body or features, it’s focused on how to edit your photos overall – colour, lighting, details, etc. A guide on how to make our photos stand out, garner engagement, and help build your brand on Instagram.

I mostly use the app PicTapGo to edit my Instagram photos. Lately, I’ve been introduced to a few new apps that have some great features, so I will touch on those too, but the main focus will be on PicTapGo (this post is NOT sponsored by or affiliated with PicTapGo, I just truly love the app and have been using it for years so want to share!).

This is how I edit my Instagram photos to create a cohesive feed.

Figure Out Your Theme

Before we get into photo editing, I wanted to point out that it’s important you figure out your Instagram theme first and foremost. I go into full detail about how to create an Instagram theme in this post, but knowing your theme and how you want your feed to look will make the editing process so much easier!

For example, I know I want my theme to be pretty and airy and often have a pink/blue colour theme going on. Knowing this helps me choose my filters and how I edit my photos.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, natural lighting will CHANGE your photos. If you’ve been shooting in indoor light, you’ll probably notice a yellowish tint. Even if you edit your photos, there’s just no way they will look as good as they would with natural lighting. Keep in mind, super bright sunlight can have a harsh effect too, so try to take your photos either in the morning or afternoon, when the sun is up but isn’t at its peak.

Choose Your Signature Filters

To create a cohesive feed on Instagram, you have to be consistent with the filters you use on your photos. I like my photos bright and colourful, with an airy feel. I have about four filters on PicTapGo I stick to each time to ensure my feed looks cohesive.

Whatever vibe you’re going for with your feed, pick filters that enhance it. One of my favourite things about PicTapGo is you can alter the strength of each filter so your photos don’t look overly edited. You just move the little nob at the bottom to get the look you want.

Save Recipes

Another thing I love about PicTapGo is that you can save recipes. Let’s say you edited your photo with 40% ‘Lights On’, 20% ‘Contrast’, and 5% ‘Sweet Tooth’ and really loved how your edit turned out. You can save the “recipe” to use with similar photos so you don’t have to try to get the exact same percentage of each filter just by eye balling it.

Keep in mind, the filters and filter strengths you use for different types of content will likely not be the same (for example: a photo of your outfit vs. a recipe photo vs. an exterior photo of a cute coffee shop).

Basically what I’m saying is don’t just create one recipe and call it a day. Take the time to figure out what works best for each of your photos so you can put your best out on your feed.

Whiten it Up

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m not one of those all-white feeds. When I first started out on Instagram, I saw those gorgeous white feeds and I thought that’s what I wanted mine to look like, but when I really started getting into the platform and finding what made me feel excited and creative, I realized I wanted more colour and personality.

I still love the look of minimalist white feeds, and for some people it totally works, but it’s just not for me. However! There are times when I want the whites in my photos to look more white.

Take this photo for instance (indoor lighting!!!). The space was so cute so I really wanted a photo, but the lighting made it SO yellow. For times like these, the app FaceTune really comes in handy.



They have a “Whiten” feature and all you have to do is rub your finger over the parts of the photo you want whitened. I also love their “Details” feature to give more detailing to different parts of the photo, whether it’s pretty wallpaper behind you or soft features of on your sweater.

I was also recently introduced to PS Express and though I haven’t used it much, I love how you can add “White” to make your photos more light and airy. The whitening feature isn’t the same as FaceTune’s where you can white part of the photo out, it just gives the photo a pretty, more delicate feel.

And that’s about it! As you can see I don’t do much to edit my Instagram photos, but the things I do make a big difference. If you’re looking for your photos to stand out more on Instagram, figure out your theme, choose your filters and be consistent! Create your signature style and watch your account grow!!

I hope you picked up some great tips on how to edit Instagram photos! Leave me a comment with your Instagram account so I can check yours out! And don’t forget to say hi over on mine!



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    February 21, 2018

    LOve all the tips Home girl!!!

    • Reply


      February 22, 2018

      Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed the post!

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    Kourtney Salyer Howard

    March 4, 2018

    It’s honestly amazing what a big difference really working on a photo can make. I truly never had any idea this was a thing until about a year ago, and although my pictures aren’t on this level they are much better since I am aware. I really want to start working on this more, thank you for sharing these apps and tips!!!

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      March 5, 2018

      You’re so welcome! And it’s so true – editing (even just lightening and crisping up the photo) can make a world of a difference!! Keep going with photography and editing, we all start somewhere and practice really does make perfect 🙂