15 Gorgeous (And Easy) DIY Gifts That People Will Actually Want

Last minute cheap and easy DIY gift ideas for friends and for family! Make these homemade gifts for Christmas that people will actually want!

The holiday season is right around the corner and I’m SO excited for all things festive. Gingerbread baking, Christmas tree chopping, watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, and of course spending lots of time with loved ones! It also has me thinking of what I’m going to gift my family and friends this year, and I’m thinking I’m going to go DIY this season.

DIY gifts are not only thoughtful, they’re a great way to gift your favourite people something unique, not to mention save money around the expensive holiday season! While some of these DIYs are a little more pricey (for those extra special someones on your list – hi, mom and BFF), most are incredibly affordable to make! And I’ve scoured the web to find extra gorgeous DIY gifts that your friends and family will actually want.

Forget about DIY gifts that will be thrown out soon after they’re given. Whoever you gift these prezzies to is going to absolutely love and cherish them for years to come! Ready to get your craft on? Let’s get to it!

1. DIY Refreshing Rosewater Face Mist via Jillian Harris
easy diy gifts rosewater face mist

This rosewater face mist is refreshing, anti-inflammatory and incredibly intoxicating. Plus, the homemade tag is just perfect for gifting this holiday season!

2. DIY Clay Jewelry Bowls via She Wears Many Hats

easy diy gifts jewelry bowl

I absolutely love this idea! These jewelry bowls are super simple to make and oh-so-pretty! You can really do any colour for these bowls, but I personally love the pop of gold on the edges!

3. Knit Twine Potholder with Leather via Flax and Twine
easy diy gifts knit twine potholder

Looking to put your knitting skills to good use? These gorgeous potholders make for a cozy gift, perfect for any kitchen!

4. Copper Pipe Wall Hanging DIY via Sarah Sherman for A Beautiful Mess

Trendy and just the right amount of boho-chic, this copper pipe wall hanging is the perfect gift for any new homeowner on your list!

5. DIY Arm Knitted Cosy Chunky Blanket via Made Up Style
easy diy gifts knit blanket

This chunky, knitted blanket is an amazing gift for someone extra special in your life! It may take a little more time and it’s more on the pricey side, but it’s SUCH a dreamy gift that anyone would be lucky (and ecstatic) to get!

6. Gemstone Soap via A Beautiful Mess
diy gifts gemstone soap

This is likely the prettiest soap anyone could ever be gifted, plus it’s super easy and fun to make! Make a bunch to give out to all your besties!

7. DIY Painted Bowls via Babble

easy diy gifts painted bowls

Everyone can always use more bowls, especially when they’re this pretty. And what could be a better gift than porcelain bowls designed by you?

8. DIY Floral Bath Salts via Married to Earth
easy diy gifts floral bath salts

What could be more luxe than taking a bath with floral bath salts? Whoever you gift this DIY to is one lucky gal!

9. Vintage Teacup Candles via My Kitchen Antics

easy diy gifts vintage tea cup candles

Teacup candles are so cute, and SO simple to make! Have a candle-lover on your list? They’re sure to fall in love with this charming gift!

10. DIY Crystal Bottle Toppers via Jillian Harris

easy diy gifts crystal bottle toppers

I absolutely LOVE this idea! It’s perfect for bottles of wine, spirits, or glass water bottles. You may even want to make some extras for yourself!

11. DIY Bath Bombs via Inspired by Charm

easy diy gifts bath boms

Pretty bath bombs make the best gifts. You only need a few ingredients (most of which you can probably find in your house), and if you use essential oils like she suggests, the bath bombs will also offer amazing benefits to whoever you gift them to!

12. DIY Gilded Edge Marble Slab Tray via Lauren Conrad

These marble trays are absolutely gorgeous and ideal for anyone on your list who loves to play hostess! They make for perfect charcuterie boards or even as trays for your coffee table. I wasn’t able to grab a photo from the website, so click over, because you’re going to want to see these!

13. DIY Colour Blocked Instagram Ornaments via The Crafted Life
easy diy gifts instagram ornaments

Fill these colour block ornaments with your favourite Instagram photos and gift them to your besties to hang on their trees. It can be photos of you guys, a trip you took together or really fun memories you never want to forget!

14. DIY Tassel Earrings via The Stripe

easy diy gifts tassel earrings
These brass fringe earrings are so on trend right now. Gift them to your favourite fashionista!

15. DIY Gilded Agate Coasters via Thou Swell
easy diy gifts gilded coasters

These are some of the most glamorous coasters I’ve ever seen. They’ll elevate any coffee table, so make sure to gift them well!

When it comes to DIY gifts, these are some of the most gorgeous ones out there. Gift them to your favourite people this year for an extra special holiday season!

Have you ever made a DIY gift before? How did it turn out? Let me know in the comment section!!

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15 easy DIY gifts to make for Christmas! For friends, for women, for mom, and for family, these quick and easy gift ideas will be a huge hit!

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    Tracey Hai

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      Hehehe, send it my way 😉

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    October 31, 2018

    I think I’m going to make the rosewater as a present for my mom for Christmas.

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      Wow! That’s amazing, I’m sure she will love it! Let me know how it turns out!

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    I love how cute ans girly it all is!!!

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      Thanks for stopping by Tiffany 🙂 Was definitely going for gifts with a feminine touch!

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    I like those wodden polaroid type frames. Makes for a great decoration piece.

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      I totally agree! They’re so cute and such a perfect gift!

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    What a great idea for the coasters!! I’ll have to give a few of these a go 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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      You’re so welcome! Good luck with the coasters 🙂 I’ll sure they’ll turn out great!