How To: Choose A Statement Jacket




|Jacket: Top Shop|Scarf: Aritzia|Bag: Roots|Booties: Sam Edelman|

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been obsessed with jackets for the past few seasons. They’ve gone from something that keeps me warm to a piece that I put a lot of thought into. A statement jacket is a key piece you should have in your wardrobe. It doesn’t necessarily have to make a huge statement, it could be more subtle, yet still turn heads. I’m all for an aztec embellished topper or even a floral duster coat, but I also want to make sure that the statement pieces in my wardrobe will be ones I’ll love and wear year after year. That’s what I was going for with this forest green jacket from Top Shop. I really wish you could see the collar in these photos, but the outer side of the collar is a soft heather grey, which was a feature I was immediately drawn to. I’ve gotten SO many compliments on this jacket, from both friends and people in stores. They always comment on how rich the colour is, and because it’s not your typical black/navy/camel/grey, I consider it a statement-maker.

When you’re choosing a statement jacket make sure it’s a colour and/or pattern you adore. Also think about the other pieces in your closet and make sure that you can pair it with most of them. You don’t have to keep your statement jacket locked away in the closet until a special event; be creative with it and wear it with different pieces every day. It really can add a different touch to different ensembles. For instance, when it’s cold and windy I love wearing this blanket scarf with my coat, but when it’s warmer outside, I can wear the jacket undone as part of my outfit underneath. Statement pieces are meant to be the most fun pieces in your wardrobe, so take advantage of that and have FUN with them!!!






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    Red Velvet Snow

    December 1, 2015

    I have been loving jackets too! I have trouble finding ones that are long enough in the sleeves though, since I’m 6 ft tall

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      December 1, 2015

      haha I have the opposite problem…I just had to take my winter coat in to get the sleeves shortened!