How to Build a Spring Capsule Wardrobe (in 6 Simple Steps)

Over the weekend I CLEANED OUT my closet. I went through every item I own and got rid of everything I don’t wear anymore. Well, I didn’t get rid of it, I packed it away for my sister and cousins to look through, before bringing it to a women’s shelter. There was a lot of stuff I haven’t worn in a long time. Lately, every time I look through my closet I flip through so many pieces that I’ve grown out of style-wise, that just don’t do anything for me anymore. It’s hard to get rid of clothes, but sometimes you really need a closet detox and it was definitely time for me. It was a long time coming, but what nudged me to finally get rid of things and build a spring capsule wardrobe was a weekend shopping trip.

I’m really good with saving my money, which is great, but it has also kept me from buying some really nice pieces, which ultimately affects my wardrobe and style. So this season I’ve decided to let myself splurge on some good quality capsule pieces that will enhance my style and last for seasons to come – as well as some trend pieces, because we all need some of those. I think the best thing to keep in mind with trend pieces is to buy ones that you think will stay in style for multiple seasons. For example, denim skirts are everywhere right now and I think the fact that they’re denim, which is a universally popular material makes them more likely to stay in style than say, suede skirts.

A capsule wardrobe is basically a mini wardrobe filled with basics and pieces that are extremely versatile. They’re versatile in two ways – you can pair them with lots of different things and also wear them for different daily endeavours from brunch to the office to the bar at night – you get the picture. It’s a way to minimize your closet with pieces that you absolutely LOVE and will actually get a lot of wear out of!

When it comes to building a spring capsule wardrobe, there are a few things to keep in mind. You need to be aware of your own personal style (or what you want your personal style to be) so you can buy pieces that will fit into your overall aesthetic. I’ve mentioned this before, but Pinterest is a great tool to nail down your style  and it’s my main source of inspiration in creating my capsule wardrobe. You can take a look at my fashion board here. When creating my shopping lists, I look through my board to see what pieces I’m really drawn to and what styles I’m pinning over and over. As you can see, I’m really into denim, wide leg trousers, off-the-shoulder tops, bell sleeves, draped trench coats, neutral colours, midi skirts, jumpsuits, etc. Then I think about what I’ll actually wear, you know, what’s practical for my life. Bell sleeves aren’t really that practical for me, for instance, while I could live in culottes, chambray button-ups and jumpsuits! Think about what works best for your lifestyle. Since I work at home, I love to wear things I can just slip into like dresses and rompers. And I know I need pieces for going out to dinner with friends, I know I have a couple weddings coming up. Things like that.

Having a list of the key pieces you want for your capsule wardrobe is so much more helpful than mindlessly browsing stores. Of course, you’re going to see things that pop out at you, but having a list ensures you’re spending money on items you really want and that will contribute to your personal style. I also like to browse through online stores before going shopping in the actual store. This way you know what items you like and you can try them on and see if they work for you. I rarely shop online, I like to actually see how things fit me before buying them, unless they’re only available in other countries. Another great thing about keeping a list is it will tell you what you ACTUALLY want. If you make a list one week and go shopping the next, you might look at your list and decide you’re not interested in a certain piece anymore. On the other hand, it may remind you about a piece that you think will really contribute to your wardrobe that slipped your mind (it happens!).

Building your dream wardrobe can take some time, and I’m beginning to learn there really is a method to it. Below, I’ll break down everything I mentioned above in 6 simple steps!

1. Purge your closet! Get rid of anything you don’t wear anymore!

2. Set a budget and be willing to spend some money. If you want a capsule wardrobe with some really nice pieces, you’re going to have to spend money. Sometimes it’s tough to get your head around, but before going out to buy new items I came up with a number I was fine with spending, that wouldn’t make me go broke. Buying quality pieces is important so that they won’t wear down and will last you for seasons to come. I like to think that spending more on great quality pieces will save you money in the long run!

3. Get your inspiration from Pinterest

4. Be practical – Ask yourself: What will I actually wear? How do I spend my days and what pieces do I need most? What events do I have coming up? Will I really get any wear out of that fringe crop top?

5. Make shopping lists to keep track of what you want, what you’ve bought, and what’s still on your list.

6. Go out and build your spring capsule wardrobe!

Check out my picks below!

The drapey trench coat


The denim skirt

denim skirt

The culottes


The hat


The chambray shirt


The jumpsuit


The block heels

block-heelsThe ‘mom’ jeans

mom jeans

The off-the-shoulder top

off the shoulder

The pleated midi skirt

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Consider this your ultimate guide to a gorgeous spring capsule wardrobe. From letting you in on the best place to find outfit inspiration, to the exact pieces you need for an amazing closet, these fashion finds are about to be your spring faves!