Yesterday marked the official start of spring, and although the temperature outside says otherwise, springtime is here. Along with switching up my parka for a light weight trench, my Sorels for lace-up flats, and my lattes for iced coffees, I’ve been thinking about how I can refresh my home décor for spring. Okay, so I don’t actually have a place of my own, but between my boyfriend’s and parents’ places I have double the décor contributions to make.

Re-decorating between seasons is a great way to press restart and rejig. Mentally, it can give you a fresh beginning that will affect the way you think, work, and go about your everyday life. To start off, give your place a spring clean to ensure it’s de-cluttered, and spick and span. Starting with a clean slate won’t just make your home feel refreshed, but will make you feel great as you head into the new season. For spring, you should add a good dose of colour to your décor palette. Whether it’s with accent pieces, new throw pillows, or treat-yourself-bedding, bright colours and patterns will completely refresh your space.

 Looking to refresh your home decor for spring? Look no further. From bedroom ideas, to organization tips, to living room DIY projects, check out these home decor ideas - on a budget!
Spring is also the season to start your gardening, however not all of us have a garden, or even a balcony. Bring the outdoors in with flowers and succulents. Your place will smell great and feel revived. And if you’ve ever wanted to try a DIY project- or keep your DIYs going- spring is the perfect time to do just that. Paint some vintage wooden furniture, or make some succulent pots. Thanks to Pinterest, the options are endless.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to change up your home décor for spring. There are simple tips and tricks that will make a big impact and have your place looking completely refreshed. Below, take a look at 7 ways to give your home décor a springtime overhaul.

1. Spring clean
The first step is a giving your place a good spring clean. Starting with an organized, de-cluttered space will make you feel fresh as you head into spring. Shred papers you don’t need anymore, clear off your tabletops, and give everything a proper dust and wash. The more cleaning you do and less junk you have lying around, the better you’ll feel.

2. Fresh flowers
Flowers are so quintessentially spring. Not all of us have gardens, but you can bring a touch of outdoors inside and say goodbye to winter with some pretty blooms. Having flowers around can boost your mood, calm you down, and make your space smell nice and fresh. My favourites for the season? Orchids and tulips.

3. Rotate your throw pillows
Switching up your throw pillows is a simple change that can really refresh your space. For winter you may have stuck to a darker palette, or plaid or faux fur pillows to keep your rooms warm and cozy. For spring, bring in some brighter colours and patterns. This also goes for your curtains and even your dishwater.

4. Try some DIYs
The spring is the perfect time to get down and dirty with some DIY projects. If you’ve ever wanted to paint a piece of furniture, open up the windows and let the air circulate as you paint. Make some dip dye succulent pots, or one of these pallet planters, or put together some cool new shelves. A quick search on Pinterest will have you busy DIY-ing all season long. Hop to it!

5. Switch up your bedding
Your bed is where you wake up each morning, so it’s important that it nudges you to take on the day. Brighten up your bedroom with a new duvet and shams. It will make you feel happy when you wakeup each morning, and even motivate you to make your bed, which is important for a number of reasons.

6. Rearrange your furniture
Whether in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or office, rearranging your furniture is an easy way to switch things up for the season. It’s the best no-cost decorating trick and will make you feel like you have a brand new space. It might even open up your space in a way you never knew it could. Play around with it and you just might be surprised.

7. Add colourful accent pieces
Accent pieces such as coffee table books, baskets, picture frames, and wall art are always a great way to add some personality to your décor. For spring, make sure your accent pieces are colourful to spruce it up and add vibrancy to your pad.

Will you guys be making any changes to your home décor for spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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