7 Wardrobe Staples to Invest In

Fast fashion has become the new norm in our society, with heavy hitters like Zara and H&M rolling through fringe dresses and fur stoles faster than we can get our hands on them. And it’s always the same story – you go into a store to see a trendy (and reasonable priced!) piece you love, buy it (why not? Its so reasonably priced!), wear it a couple times, it starts to look dull and washed out or fray (because it was never good quality in the first place), so you throw it out and go buy the next trendy item you can’t live without. There’s a reason these pieces are so reasonably priced and all sorts of problems stem from this type of buy-and-trash relationship we have with our clothes. It harms our environment with excessive waste, and more often than not, the clothing we buy from fast fashion chains is made by garment workers operating in unethical working conditions, with meager wages and nearly impossible deadlines to make. The obsession we have with buying new wardrobe pieces just to throw them away the next season is pretty ridiculous. It results from fashion speeding up to an uncatchable pace, where trends and “it-styles” are continually cycling to keep buyers interested.

I’m definitely not the perfect consumer. I’ve made mindless purchases and I’ve spent my money on trend pieces that I don’t end up wearing as much as I think I will. But I’m making an early New Years resolution to shop more consciously and spend my money on really great staples that are made ethically, and that I know will stay in my closet for years to come. Pieces such as a timeless blazer and dark denim jeans pair with almost anything and are classics that will most likely stay in style, well, forever.

Purchasing an amazing set of quality staples also sets the foundation for the rest of your wardrobe. When you know you have those staples in your closet, it makes filling out the rest of your closet much easier. Just keep in mind where you’re buying your filler pieces from. Staples can also transition easily from work to play, giving you tons of choice and versatility for your outfits!

Now, on to the fun part. From a leather jacket made from surplus material to a little black dress with flair, here are 7 wardrobe staples that are worth the splurge. And yes, all of these pieces are crafted by brands that follow ethical and eco-friendly fashion practices. (Shop the gallery below!)

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    November 20, 2015

    Love this post. Heck yes to ethical fashion! I hope this is a trend that lasts 😉

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      November 21, 2015

      Thanks so much! And yes, I definitely agree 🙂