6 Ways to Curb Your Social Media Addiction

How to Curb Your Social Media Addiction: Use this strategy to detox your life of social media and Instagram, and live in the moment. These tips and ideas will help you get back to what’s important.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve have days when you’re frustrated with yourself for wasting precious time on social media. Checking Instagram and Facebook can start out innocently enough, but then all the sudden 30 to 45 minutes has gone by and you’ve wasted it scrolling by other people’s lives instead of living your own.

If you’re not careful, social media can become a toxic place, with jealousy and comparison running high. It’s important to create a healthy relationship with social media. I’ve met some of my now-best friends and business partners through social media and I never would have met them without it. I do think social media can do a lot of good, but our addiction to it can be a serious problem. People are becoming more interested in what’s going on on their phones than what’s right in front of them and that’s a scary thought. Social media can be an amazing space, but when you’re spending more time on it than living your life, it’s a sign it’s time to do something about it!

If you feel like you’re a little too hooked on social media, here are 6 ways to curb your social media addiction!

1) Turn Off Notifications

I’ve never turned on notifications for any of my social media platforms on my phone, but most people I know have them turned on. If you’re constantly getting notifications that someone commented or liked one of your photos, it makes it more tempting to go into the app to check it out, and fall into a never-ending scroll session. Disable all social media notifications so you’re not distracted or tempted by them!  

2) Give Yourself a Time Limit

When you do go on social media, it’s helpful to give yourself a time limit. Otherwise, the minutes (and hours) just fly by! If you’re trying to grow your platforms, you do have to put time into them, but don’t use that as an excuse to always be on them. Ask yourself how much of your time is actually spent growing your platforms (engaging with others) versus mindlessly scrolling. For example, right now I’m working hard on growing my Instagram account. That means I need to be engaging with others, BUT I always give myself a time limit so it doesn’t get out of hand.

3) Create a Schedule

Along with giving yourself a time limit to be on social media, you should also create a schedule. Instead of letting yourself check social media at any time of day, make it a routine to go on at a certain time. For example, maybe you allow yourself to check it when you’re on your own on your lunch break, or right when you get home when your day is done. This will help keep you from mindlessly checking it throughout the day.

4) Have Something Better to do

The best thing you can do to keep yourself off social media is to have something better to do. When you’re distracted living your own life and doing things you love, you won’t have as much time (or desire) to check social media. Try a new hobby, start a side hustle, read more, spend more time with family and friends, plan your next vacation, take a course. When you’re doing something meaningful with your time, you won’t need to check social media so often.

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5) Make a Rule: No Phones at Meals/Convos

I’m a huge advocate for no phones when you’re sharing a meal or conversation with someone. Yes, I’ll pull out my phone to take a photo or quick Instagram Story, but you won’t find me texting or scrolling Instagram. I find it so inconsiderate and I really cherish quality time spent with the people I love most. And if you’re visiting cool spots around your city, you want to make sure you take it all in! Make a rule for yourself to never check social media when you’re with other people. Be in the moment and enjoy your time IRL rather than living in the digital world.

6) Do a Social Media Detox

Go cold turkey by taking a social media detox. You can do it for however long you think you need (a weekend, a week, etc.) and see how it feels to be totally social media free. My friend just took a week-long Instagram break and she said she felt so rejuvenated while on the detox. Checking social media has become second nature. When you take it out completely, you’re able to put your focus and energy on more important things. 

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 How to Curb Your Social Media Addiction: Use this strategy to detox your life of social media and Instagram, and live in the moment. These tips and ideas will help you get back to what’s important.

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