6 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

It seems like people are more stressed than ever these days. And it makes total sense. Work/life balance is pretty much non-existent, and social media makes us feel like we’re always missing out on everything! There are so many different reasons people experience stress (work, moving, finances, relationships, family, etc.), but we all know what it feels like and we all want to know simple ways to reduce stress. 

As an entrepeneur, most of my stress stems from finances. It’s tough because you could have a really great month one month, and the next you may not have as many projects on the go. Your income isn’t fixed, which can sometimes be great (there’s no limit like there is in a job), or not so great. Wherever your stress is coming from, know that there are ways to manage it!

I’m no doctor, but I wanted to share some things that have worked for me in eliminating stress. I hope they will work for you too! Here are 6 simple ways to reduce stress!

1. Develop Morning/Nightly Routines

Morning and nightly routines are really important and can help so much when it comes to reducing stress. Especially if you have a schedule that’s unstructured or all over the place, having that half hour or so of structure when you wake up and before you go to sleep can make all the difference.

For me, as soon as I wake up, I write in my Five Minute Journal, read my goal statement, take my vitamins, and make breakfast and tea before I start checking emails. It’s not an extravagant routine, but it helps me get ready for the day ahead. At night I like to wind down with filling out my Five Minute Journal, reading my goal statement again, and I read a book for about half an hour before I go to sleep. Find a routine that works for you and stick with it!

2. Spend Time with People Who Lift You Up

This is the most important thing for me when I feel stressed or overwhelmed. When we’re in that stressed out state, we often feel like we’re alone. It’s those times when we really need to surround ourselves with the people who will bring us up and make us feel good. Being around people you love instantly lifts your mood. You can talk to them about your stressors, or change the topic entirely to get your mind off it.

3. get enough sleep

Luckily, I have very good sleep habits but I know so many people who wish they were able to sleep better, whether that means falling asleep or staying asleep. The tough thing is, stress can cause a lack of sleep, and a lack of sleep causes you to be even more stressed out. I’ve had those nights when I’ve drank caffeine a little too late in the day and can’t fall asleep at night and it’s the WORST feeling. I can’t imagine it being like that every night.

If you’re prone to bad sleeping habits, try these tips: Don’t look at screens for at least an hour before you go to bed; practice a relaxing bedtime ritual (maybe it’s a bath, maybe it’s meditation, whatever works for you!); read a book; try yoga poses to get you into a relaxed state; take magnesium to help you get a good night’s rest.

4. Find an Outlet

Having an outlet is such an effective yet simple way to reduce stress. Whether it’s having a blog, taking art classes, joining a spin studio, or even going on walks to explore your city, find an outlet that takes you away from your daily grind.

For me, I love exploring cafes and doing photoshoots around my neighbourhood. Although I do use the photos for my blog and social media, it still gets me exploring my city and hanging out with fellow bloggers and business partners!

5. Get Active

When I feel so stressed out and busy, working out usually gets put on the backburner. I always think of going to the gym as this huge task – you have to walk to the gym (the one I go to is about a half-hour walk from my apartment), do an hour-long class, walk home, shower, etc. It does take a big chunk of time if you do it that way, and some days that’s totally fine.

But I’ve been putting less pressure on myself to do workout classes and have come to terms with the fact  that some days going to my condo gym even for 30 minutes is totally good enough. Even a brisk walk outside is better than nothing!

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. It boosts your feel-good endorphins and helps take your mind off of daily stressors. It also improves your quality of sleep!!

6. Avoid Caffeine

If you’re anything like me, you get quite affected by caffeine. I’m usually okay with tea, but coffee makes me extremely anxious and jittery. Add that onto a stressed state of mind, and nothing good can come from it. Everyone has a different tolerance for caffeine, but even if you don’t cut it out completely, at least reduce the amount you drink when you’re stressed.

If you’ve been feeling stressed, try these 6 tips to help you feel better all around! Do you have any stressors in your life?

Check out 6 tips for how to reduce stress and stay calm when life gets overwhelming. From a morning and night time routine, to getting a proper sleep and getting active, these are my best ideas for reducing stress and anxiety.

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    March 10, 2018

    This was such a lovely post to read ! I definitely agree with the routine tip – I swear by it ! Also – love having an outlet – mine is definitely blogging as it just takes away me away from any stress !
    sairasays.co.uk xxx

    • Reply


      March 12, 2018

      Thanks so much Saira! I’m glad you’ve found your stress relief in blogging – writing can definitely be so cathartic!

  2. Reply

    Seppy | Elle is for Love

    March 18, 2018

    Love all these tips! My biggest problem is my sleep so I’m trying to fix that but otherwise, you’re other tips are on point!

    What helps me is to have a go-to list of things that help me de-stress in the moment so that I don’t have to think about it twice. If I had a stressful day, I know that I will need a quiet evening at home with my laptop and Netflix..!

    Seppy | http://www.elleisforlove.com

    • Reply


      March 21, 2018

      Ooh that’s such a great idea! And oh no, I’m sorry to hear you can’t sleep well! Hopefully you can figure out something that will help <3

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    Stress Management Consultancy

    March 19, 2018

    Great thoughts and you share brilliant tips in your blog. You are Right Stress is a monster, which is falling down our peacefulness and confidence in our life. We all wants to live free with stress, which may be possible through your blog tips. Talk to peoples about your stressors. they will help you. Be brave for this.I always prefer to a mentally excersice, with other works. Your blog will really helpful to remove stress in our peaceful life.

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      March 21, 2018

      Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog! I really appreciate it!