6 Ideas for Your Next ‘Me’ Day

When’s the last time you took a me day? Or even a ‘me’ night? While I really love being around other people, I also have always loved having time to myself. Spending good quality time alone can help you reset, de-stress, and learn to love your own company.

That being said, finding time for yourself is becoming increasingly difficult. There always seems to be something going on whether it’s a girls brunch, wine night, or networking event. And the fact that we’re so crazy connected to everyone all the time only makes it harder to say no.

The best way to find ‘me’ time is to actually schedule it in. Set aside a day, night, or even a couple of hours in your calendar to totally and completely do you. Tell your friends and family you’re busy and stick to your time no matter what!

It’s easy to get run down with crazy schedules, but it’s okay (and important!) to say no once in a while. When you feel like you need to relax and re-charge, make sure to take time for yourself. Read a book, take a bath, have an at-home spa day – whatever makes you feel best, do it! Here are some ideas to add into your ‘me’ day mix!

1. Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself, whether it’s going for a massage or doing your own at-home spa day. Lately, I’ve really been into face masks. I used to be terrified to put anything on my face since it’s so sensitive, but if you find one that works for your skin, it can be extremely beneficial. I started using a charcoal-based face mask and it makes my skin soooo soft. If you’re in the DIY mood, you can also make one of these homemade face masks so your skin can get all detoxed and hydrated while you read or watch your favourite show!

2. Stretch

A good stretch can go a long way. Take some time and get in a nice, long stretch– it feels great, plus it increases blood flow to your muscles and can even help reduce stress by relaxing your body.

3. Learn a New Skill

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn, or improve at? Now is the time! Maybe it’s playing guitar, or mastering the ins and outs of a DSLR camera, or becoming a better cook! Take your alone time to work on your new skill(s) – you’ll be so happy you did!

4. Take a Bubble Bath with Essential Oil

Baths are so relaxing and therapeutic, and adding an essential oil like bergamot or vanilla will make it even more calming. Both oils have stress-relieving elements and are perfect for your ‘me’ time. A glass of wine never hurts either.

5. Treat yourself

Whether it’s a box of your favourite macaroons or a new lip stick, go out and treat yourself! You deserve it, especially on your ‘me’ day!

6. Colour

Adult colouring books are quickly becoming the new craze – and for good reason. I think they’re brilliant. One of my favourite high school assignments was when we had to colour in maps for geography – it was so relaxing and mindless. And now there are colouring books for everything – fashion, animals, cities, intricate geometric patterns. It’s creative, zen, and can even help you fall asleep. Pre-bed colouring and reading are two musts!

If you loved this post, make sure you share it on Pinterest! You definitely deserve a me day every once in a while! From pampering yourself with a face mask to working on your cooking skills, these me day ideas are everything!



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    Teya // TLM Blog

    September 3, 2019

    I love “ME” days! They’re the best when filled with new books! That’s my fav!

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    November 23, 2019

    A timely read! I’m planning a “me” weekend and am excited to have the time for some reflection. I would add journaling to the list as I also have the best ideas after getting to decompress.
    -Louisa | http://www.theactually.com