5 of The Best Photo Editing Tips for Beginners

5 of the best photo editing tips for beginners: Check out how I use BeFunky, one of the best photo editing apps to make your photos look bright, crisp and beautiful! Take your pictures to the next level with these editing tips!

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So, you’ve finally got your photography skills down. But that’s only half the battle! Photo editing can take your images from beautiful to breathtaking, enhancing their already stunning features. Editing photos used to be left to professional photographers, but now that so much of our lives is documented, photography and photo editing has become part of the everyday girl’s life. Whether you have a website or blog, are growing your Instagram account, or simply love posting photos to your social media feeds, photo editing is a great skill to master. If you’re new to photo editing, today I’m sharing 5 of the best photo editing tips for beginners!

1. Find Your Go-To Photo Editing App

Some photo editing apps are really complex, but personally, I love to be able to edit my photos quickly and effortlessly. Last year I was introduced to BeFunky, an online photo editor that makes editing your photos a complete breeze. One of their latest features is their uploading process that’s now drag and drop! You can simply add the image you want to edit into the BeFunky interface by dragging and dropping it straight into the editor. This saves you the time of having to upload photos from different places on your desktop, getting the process started on the right foot!

2. Use editing tools to your advantage

To edit your photos quickly and flawlessly, it’s important to understand the editing tools you have at your fingertips. Editing tools will help you get the look you want for your pictures with the perfect level of enhancement. BeFunky recently upgraded their editing tools so they now have Photoshop-level tools without the complexity of Photoshop itself. Plus, they all simply work by adjusting a slider, making them incredibly easy to use! My favourite tool has to be Clarity. I like my photos to be sharp and clear and that’s exactly what you get with this tool. It sharpens your image without over-sharpening it, which is key to a breathtaking photo. I really love when photos are crisp and defined – it gives them a sense of professionalism (even when you’re not a professional).



I also love the Vibrance tool. You always want the colours in your photos to be intensified, and this tool enhances the midtone colours of the image without oversaturating it. It really makes your photo stand out in the best way. You’ll also want to check out the ‘Fill Light’ tool and ‘Levels’ tool. The ‘Fill Light’ tool allows you to balance the light in your photo, which is key since unbalanced light can make your image look a little off. We can’t always control the light in our photos, so this tool can make a huge difference to the finished product. The ‘Levels’ tool allows you to balance the midtones, highlights, and shadows in your photo’s exposure with ease! Since you can simply adjust the strength of these editing tools with a slider, it makes it SO easy to edit your photos to perfection! Both of these ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots were edited with these tools. You can see how much more crisp, vibrant and enhanced the ‘After’ shots are! I just love them!



3. All About the Crop

When you’re editing a photo, you may find that you need to crop it in some way. Whether you want to crop out something not-so-aesthetically pleasing from the sideline or want a close up of gorgeous landscape shot, cropping can transform your image. But you do need to know how to crop properly. Use cropping to find balance if you attempted to center a subject in your shot and it ended up off center; crop to edit out distractions in the background, foreground or sideline; and crop to change the format (for example, from horizontal to vertical). Always take your time when cropping and make sure to duplicate your image before you crop in case you make a mistake or want to crop it in a different way afterwards. Think of cropping as fine-tuning for an image rather than trying to change the image altogether!



4. Leave Room for Tweaks

I’ve found that you don’t always get your edits right the first time around, especially if you’re editing on-the-go. Another BeFunky feature I love is that the interface now saves your editing projects! So let’s say you see a mistake in a photo you edited or regret one of your editing decisions, the ‘Save as Project’ feature allows you to save your work in an editable format. This means you can come right back to where you left off in the editing process and tweak it to perfection. The best part? Even if you forget to ‘Save as Project’ the editor will autosave for you, so if something happens to your laptop and the editor closes down, you can open it right back up to where you left off without losing any of your work.

5. Don’t Over Edit!

One of the biggest mistakes people make in the beginning (I know I sure did!) is over editing their photos. It’s easy to get a little edit happy when you see your photos transforming, but over-editing your photos can make them look unnatural and even start to blur the shot. To lessen the need for lots of edits, here are a few quick photography tips:

  • Shoot your photos in good, natural lighting
  • Shoot as steady, straight and focused as you can
  • Take lots of shots and play around with different angles so you have tons of options to choose from
  • Keep the background clean and clutter free
  • Practice, practice, practice until you perfect your shot!

If you’re new to photo editing, these 5 tips for beginners will help you take your photos to the next level! Make sure to try out the BeFunky Photo Editor to help make it happen.

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5 of the best photo editing tips for beginners: Check out how I use BeFunky, one of the best photo editing apps to make your photos look bright, crisp and beautiful! Take your pictures to the next level with these editing tips!

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