20 Travel Hacks for a Better Trip

Travel has been high on my mind lately. With all the snow and freezing cold temps in Toronto (where is spring?!), I’ve been looking back on past trips, perusing my dream destinations on Instagram and planning for travels I have coming up this summer!

I just booked a trip to Calgary for our friend’s wedding (and the end of the Calgary stampede!) and we’re heading to Europe at the end of the summer! Although I didn’t travel much until I was about 18 years old, since then, I’ve travelled to 14 countries and 24 cities around the world and I can’t wait to check more off my list! If you have any upcoming travels, I’ve rounded up 20 of my best travel hacks to make your trip as flawless as possible!

Packing Hacks

1. Roll your clothes!

My friend taught me this handy little trick in University and it is seriously SUCH a space/life saver! If you’re known to over pack (like me!) or want to fit all your items in a carryon, rolling your clothes will give you so much more space!

2. Carry a backpack

I always bring a backpack with me when I travel. It’s so much more convenient than carrying around a purse at the airport. You can also typically fit more in a backpack than a purse and there are so many trendy ones available today! Just put on your backpack, roll up with your suitcase and you’re good to go!

Niagara Falls, ON

3. Use Plastic Wrap to Prevent Jewelry Tangling

If you’ve ever traveled with jewelry (mainly necklaces) before, you know what a hassle it can be to untangle them. To save you time and frustration, place your jewelry between two sheets of plastic wrap to prevent it from getting tangled in your bag.

4. Pack Breakables in Thick Socks

If you’re bringing any breakable items with you, protect them by packing them in thick socks! There’s nothing worse than opening up your bag to find them broken into pieces. It’s also best to back anything breakable in your carryon. That way you can be in control of it and don’t have to worry about it being smashed around in your suitcase.

5. Use a Plastic Bag for Your Shoes

I always, always put my shoes in a plastic bag before putting them in my suitcase, unless they’re brand new. The soles of your shoes pick up so much dirt, so don’t put them bare beside your clean clothes.

Park Guell (Barcelona, Spain)

Money Saving Hacks

1. Pack Your Own Reusable Water Bottle

Airport water bottles are so expensive, so save money by packing your own reusable bottle. Airports will often have water fountains around or you can always use the bathroom sink, and fill it up once you clear security.

2. Avoid Airport Currency Exchange

There’s a larger fee when you exchange currency at the airport, so take the time to go into your bank before you go on your trip.

Lisbon, Portugal

3. Find Accommodation with a Fridge/Cooking Amenities

Eating out for every meal when you travel can seriously burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, find accommodation with a fridge/cooking amenities so you can make your own food! When we go on trips, I love going to local markets to get fresh food and whipping something up in the kitchen. Obviously you’ll have to (and want to!) eat out sometimes, but making your own meals can save you a ton of money so you can do other fun things on your trip!

4. Flexible Schedule? Travel on Tuesdays!

If you have a flexible travel schedule, flying out on a Tuesday (or even Wednesday) can save you a lot of money. Not as many people travel on these days so you’re often able to get a better deal.

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Havana, Cuba

Beauty Hacks

1. Don’t fly with heavy makeup

Your makeup should be as light as possible when you fly. Your skin can get really dry/greasy (depending on your skin type) on a flight, so the less you have on your skin, the better.

2. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water on the flight and when you travel, especially if you’re spending a lot of time walking, exploring, or on a beach. This is essential for your overall health, but will also help your skin glow while you’re on vacay.

3. Pack Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a serious travel saviour! Especially if you have one (or multiple) layovers, you can use dry shampoo to freshen up between flights. You can also use it right before you land, just make sure not to spray the person beside you, or wait until you’re off the airplane.

Lisbon, Portugal

4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Use a quality moisturizer when you travel to keep your skin from getting dry and dehydrated. I love the Lumiere De Vie Serum Concentrate for this purpose! It’s pretty much gold for your skin and makes it super hydrated!

5. Travel Size Sunscreen

We should all be wearing sunscreen every day (yes, even in the winter!!!) but make sure you wear it when you travel, seeing that you’ll likely be spending a lot of your time outside. Sunscreen is so important to protect your skin, so don’t forget it!!!

6. Pack a Toothbrush in Your Carryon

Travel breath is not something you want! Pack a toothbrush and toothpaste in your carryon so you can brush your teeth on the plane before you land or in the airport bathroom as soon as you touch down.

Barcelona, Spain

Tech Hacks

1. Don’t forget plug adapters

If you’re traveling to a country that doesn’t have the same plugs as you, make sure you bring a plug adapter so you can use your chargers, hot hair tools, etc. You won’t always be able to buy them there (or you’ll end up paying a lot more) so don’t forget to bring them with you!

2. Wrap Cords Around Old Gift Cards

Don’t throw your old gift cards away; save them for your travels! Wrap cords such as headphones and phone chargers around the old cards so they don’t get tangled in your bag. It’s also wise to have a separate pouch for your cords so they don’t get lost in your luggage.

Park Guell (Barcelona, Spain)

3. Charge Your Phone Faster by Putting it on Airplane Mode

This is a good tip for life in general, but especially if you’re traveling with little time at your accommodation. When you charge your phone, put it on airplane mode. It will charge faster so you can get back out exploring as soon as possible!

4. GO TECH FREE as Much as Possible

Trust me, I know how tempting it is to want to document everything when you travel (especially with tools like Instagram Stories) but make sure to go tech free as much as possible and take it all in! You’ll regret it if you spend your whole trip glued to your phone. I’m all for taking lots of photos and documenting your travels, but just make sure to enjoy it without any tech distractions as much as you can!

Maui, Hawaii

What do you think of these travel hacks? Do you have any more to add to this list? I’d love to hear them!

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Travel hacks for your best trip yet! These 20 airplane and packing tips are perfect to get you through long flights without a hitch! From carry on tips to DIY tips to makeup and budget tips, these are the best travel hacks for your International getaways!

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      Ahhh, have the best time Andrea!! So lucky to be going somewhere warm like Cuba! Can’t wait to see pics!

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