10 Easy Steps to Throwing a Housewarming Party

This weekend one of my best friend’s threw a housewarming party in her new apartment. She was an amazing hostess, had tons of snacks and drinks for us and we all had a lovely time! She was telling us how she researched how to throw a housewarming party online, so it got me thinking that if she wanted to know some easy steps to throwing a housewarming party, other people likely want to know too!

We’re at that stage in our lives where we’re moving into new apartments, settling in with our significant others, and some of us are even buying homes. Whatever your situation, it’s so nice to have your favourite people over to “warm” your new place!

It will make your new space feel much more cozy, and it’s so fun to show off your new digs! If you want to throw an epic housewarming party and are wondering just how to do it, here are my best tips!

1. Don’t Rush It

It can be tempting to want to throw your housewarming party right after you move in, and before the move you may think that’s the perfect plan. But before you go inviting people for the weekend after you move in, take some time to see how to move goes and settle in first.

You may find that you’re so not ready to have people over yet and want to make it a little more homey before you “warm” the place. Take some time to get yourself organized, buy and place your furniture, and get some decor pieces before you invite everyone over!

2. Invite: Create a Facebook Event

Pretty much everyone has Facebook, so it’s the perfect platform to create your housewarming event invite. Me and my friends use Facebook events for all our parties, from birthdays to housewarmings to engagement parties.

It’s the simplest way to invite all the people you want to celebrate with you, and for anyone who doesn’t have Facebook, you can send them a quick text or email with the details! I also love Facebook events because you can add a fun event photo and description and get a good idea of the guest list so you can be prepared for how many people are going to show up!

3. Get Trendy

You don’t have to go all out and spend an arm and a leg on party decor, but think of incorporating some trendy features that will make you feel like the most stylish hostess! You can get statement balloons with a custom phrase, gold cups and plates, string lights, and some candles to bring the warmth!

Serve your snacks in cute pastel bowls and if you’re putting out crackers and cheese, place them on a wood or marble charcuterie board for ultimate chic!

4. Theme Your BYOB

Housewarmings should always be BYOB (bring your own booze), although if you want to provide some wine and beer, or a big batch of your favourite cocktail like sangria or mimosas, go for it! A fun thing you can do is to do a themed BYOB.

So let’s say your housewarming is in the fall, you can ask everyone to bring fall cocktails, or have a “stock the bar” party where everyone brings their favourite alcohol/drink, but they have to be different from one another – this is easy to plan in your Facebook event group! They’re pretty much helping you stock the bar of your new place, which is awesome! They can also bring things like glasses, coasters and shakers!

5. Think Comfort

You’ll probably have quite a big group of people at your housewarming party, and depending on the size of your new place, you may or may not have a lot of seating. Make sure everyone feels at home and comfortable by creating extra seating for people. Consider laying down some sheepskins and floor pillows so every surface feels inviting.

6. Provide Finger Foods

Housewarming parties have officially entered the adult party world, and adult parties always have food/snacks. If you love cooking and want to make food for your guests, go for it, but you can definitely get away with snacks like chips, veggies/pita with dip, nuts, fruits, candies, etc.

Throw a couple pizzas in the oven and cut them into smaller bites, or make appetizers like spring rolls and fritters. You can also provide charcuterie-type foods like cheese, crackers and meats. Make sure all foods are finger foods so it’s easy for your guests to eat when they’re not sitting at a table.

7. Or, Host a Potluck

If you’re throwing your housewarming party at a meal time, why not make it a potluck? Potlucks are so much fun and they make it so easy to host a big group of people without spending a ton of money. Ask people to either bring an appetizer, main or dessert and make sure there are an equal amount of each so it’s not one thing without the others!

8. Create an Awesome Playlist

What’s a party without music? Before the night of your housewarming, sit down to create an epic housewarming playlist for your guests! If you’re running short on time, you can also check out the housewarming playlists on Spotify or ask one of your besties to put one together for you!

9. Give Your Guests a Grand Tour

Everyone will be so excited to check out your new place, so make sure to give them a grand tour! Even if you moved into a small apartment, your friends will definitely want to see all the different rooms and how you’ve made them your own! On this note, make sure that each room is spotless and there’s no laundry or garbage lying around. You want them to see your new place at its very best!  

10. Use Paper (and Plastic) Plates, Cups and Utensils

When you’re having a big group of people over, it’s so much easier to go the paper route. You won’t have to worry about washing dishes and everyone can throw them out when they’re done instead of piling them up and making a mess.

Throwing a housewarming party can be fun, yet stressful at the same time. Use these 10 tips to ensure it goes smoothly! And don’t forget – relax! The whole point of a housewarming is to bring your favourite people together to check out your new home and enjoy each other’s company!

No matter what, your party is sure to be a hit! If you have any more tips for throwing a housewarming party, please let us know in the comment section!

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Want to throw a housewarming party on a budget? These 10 tips will work for small spaces and large homes alike. From cleaning your home to prepping food for your party, you’ll love these awesome housewarming ideas!

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    A good playlist is a must if you want a good party.