10 Creative Wedding Themes and How to Choose One

creative wedding themes

One of the most important parts of wedding planning is choosing your wedding theme! This is the fun part because it basically sets the stage for the entire wedding. From the colour palette, to your dress, decor and venue, everything has to work together to create your theme. If you have no clue where to start, I’ve put together a list of 10 creative wedding themes to choose from!

10 Creative Wedding Themes

1. Vintage Wedding Theme

The vintage wedding theme is having a major moment these days. Drawing inspiration from decades past, the vintage theme is portrayed through your decor and bridal look. There are plenty of vintage hairstyles and makeup looks you can create to enhance the vintage feel. And when it comes to your wedding dress, opt for features like vintage beading, antique lace fabrics and art deco inspired gems.  As for decor, pieces like antique couches, charming weathered doors and vintage tea cups are the way to go.

creative wedding themes

2. Bohemian Wedding Theme

Bohemian weddings are cool, effortless and beautiful. With features like ornamental rugs, wooden teepees, wild flower bouquets, decorative pillows and macrame decorations, there’s nothing more gorgeous than a boho wedding. And with plenty of boho wedding dresses and hairstyles to choose from, it’s easy to embrace the theme with all aspects of your wedding. 

creative wedding themes

3. Whimsical Wedding Theme

Whimsical weddings are decorated with quirky details, bold pops of colour and non-traditional elements such as a multi-coloured balloon installation and mismatched chairs. Add quirky details to elements such as the dinner menu and drink signs, and choose colourful tableware and glassware to catch people’s eye. Details like the groomsmen’s ties and bridesmaid hair accessories can also help convey a sense of whimsy. 

creative wedding themes

4. Garden Party Wedding Theme

A garden party wedding theme is more casual than other wedding themes, but still incredibly beautiful. They’re typically more intimate and laid back- perfect for a backyard wedding in the spring or summer. Decorate your tables with gorgeous florals and hang up string lights for a stunning touch. You may stray away from the typical dinner and host a lunch instead. 

creative wedding themes

5. Southern Charm Wedding Theme 

If you’re drawn to the charm of the south, why not have a Southern inspired wedding? Characterized by elements like muted colour palettes, rustic details, and gold-accented vintage glassware, the Southern charm wedding theme is gorgeous to say the least. Bring the theme in even further with the menu, offering southern comfort foods and bourbon-infused cocktails. 

creative wedding themes

6. Romantic Wedding Theme

The romantic wedding theme is characterized by delicate lighting, lots of florals and a soft colour palette. Envision gorgeous candles lighting up your space, beautiful floral centrepieces, calligraphy and light and airy colours. Hanging floral installations are a beautiful addition to a romantic wedding and garden inspired elements for your cake will ensure it’s undeniably romantic. For your bridal party, blush or burgundy dresses will offer an incredibly romantic look. 

creative wedding themes

7. Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic weddings will always be in style. Simple and homey, the rustic wedding theme is distinguished by elements like mason jars, string lights, twine and lace. Rustic weddings are typically held in a refurbished barn or a more rural venue such as a vineyard. Lots of wood, barrels, muted florals and DIYs are classic rustic wedding elements!

creative wedding themes

8. Art Deco Wedding Theme

When you think art deco wedding theme, think the jazz age and The Great Gatsby– timeless and lavish in all the right ways. Mixing vintage and modern elements, you’ll find bold, elegant fonts, glitz and glam, and lots of sharp geometry. Drape your tables in gold, put up glam signage, and add velvet details for an unforgettable art deco theme!

creative wedding themes

9. Modern Wedding Theme

If you’re all for minimalistic decor, geometric shapes and sleek, clean lines, the modern wedding theme is likely your style. When it comes to your floral arrangements, opt for a bolder colour palette rather than softer hues, or keep them white and simple. 

creative wedding themes

10. Formal Wedding Theme

A formal wedding is a black tie event. And if you’re expecting your guests to dress the part, you should deck out your wedding in sophisticated details too. You’re looking at posh table settings, ornate floral arrangements and of course a full sit-down dinner. As for your dress, an event as regal as a formal wedding calls for a gorgeous dramatic train and veil, and signature drinks will make your cocktail hour feel incredibly upscale. 

creative wedding themes


Planning: Wedding Themes and Colours

The colours you choose for your wedding should complement your theme. If you’re having a whimsical wedding, you’ll likely choose lighter colours and pastels. You wouldn’t typically see a lot of blacks and darker colours at a whimsical wedding. On the flip side, if you’re creating a modern wedding theme, pastels may not be the way to go. A bold colour scheme would work much better for your theme.  

Look at photos of other weddings that have the same theme as you. What colours did they use? Which ones did you like, or which ones would you change out? The colour palette you choose for your wedding will greatly influence how the whole thing comes together, so make sure your theme and colours complement each other.

How to Choose a Wedding Theme: 3 Tips 

Now that you’ve seen these 10 creative wedding themes, it’s time to choose one that best suits you!. Keep in mind, you can blend wedding themes as well- you don’t have to just choose one of the above. For example, you could have a romantic whimsical wedding, or a garden boho wedding. It’s your day and you should have whatever theme(s) you want! Here are 3 tips for how to choose a wedding theme! 

1. Find Inspiration 

Instagram, Pinterest, and wedding websites and magazines are all great sources of inspiration. If you have an idea in your mind, but don’t know exactly how to describe it, look for images through these sources. They’re also an excellent way to find inspiration for little details you may not have thought of!

2. Make Sure It Feels Like You

Your wedding theme should feel like you. If you have a boho fashion and home style, a boho wedding theme or something similar is what you should go for. You want to feel like you on your wedding day, from your dress to your hair and makeup.  When you walk into your venue it should feel like you’re meant to be there. 

3. Consider Your Venue and Season

Your wedding venue and wedding theme have to make sense together. If you’ve already chosen your venue, let it guide your theme. If you’ve yet to choose your venue, let your theme guide your venue choice. If you’re getting married on a beach, a whimsical, boho or romantic theme would fit perfectly. On the flip side, a modern or formal wedding wouldn’t work as well. 

The season you’re getting married should also come into play. While some themes, like the romantic wedding theme would work for all seasons, themes such as the garden party theme or Southern charm theme would work best in spring/summer. 

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Choosing a wedding theme is no small feat. But now that you know 10 creative wedding themes and tips for how to choose one, it’s time decide on your theme! 

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creative wedding themes

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