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As a blogger, starting an email list is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Not everyone realizes the power of having an email list, so I hope after reading this you’ll see why it’s so important and start to grow your email list right away!

The best thing about having an email list is you have full control of it. You own it. Unlike social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, that can change their algorithms anytime they please, your email list belongs to you and you choose exactly how to use it.

Another thing I LOVE about having an email list? My subscribers WANT to be there. They chose to be there and choose to stay, which means they love at least something about my blog and brand 🙂

But I didn’t reach 1,000 subscribers overnight. At the time of writing this post, I have over 1,500 lovely subscribers (and counting) and 336 of those subscribers came in in the last 30 days. I remember when I used to get 5 or 6 every 30 days. I was so excited when I hit my first 100 subscribers, and when I hit 1,000 I knew I had to spill my secrets about growing my list.

Email marketing is key if you want to grow your blog and make money blogging. From using social media to creating awesome opt-ins, these are my best tips and ideas to get more subscribers. Click through to read my post on how to grow your email list to your first 1,000 subscribers and save this pin for others to read too!

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You want to grow your email list to create your tribe – a group of your target readers that love what you’re putting out and trust your authority. Having an email list of devoted fans also makes it easier to sell the products or services you sell through your blog! You already know they’re a fan of your work and who better to sell your products to?


The very first thing you need to do is find an email marketing service. I use ConvertKit and I love it! It makes it so easy for me to create forms to embed on my blog and it’s also super easy to send out emails to my list and create drip content! Drip content is emails that go out at a specific time one after another. For example, if you have a five day email course, you can set each email to go out one day after the next to whoever signs up for the course!


People won’t always jump on your list for no reason. I actually don’t even have a newsletter sign up on my blog, so I don’t get subscribers this way. The thing that has got me most email subscribers is creating freebies my readers want! Depending on your blog’s focus and target audience, make sure the freebies you create are going to be insanely helpful to them. For instance, if you’re a vegan recipe blogger, you could offer a weekly vegan meal planning sheets or meal planning recipes.

Make sure you offer awesome content in your freebies. The better your free content is, the more likely your tribe will purchase from you when you have a paid product or service. They’ll think: Wow! If she’s giving out this amazing information for free, her paid content must be out of this world!


The first step is getting your target readers on your list. The second and most important step is getting them to stay on your list and be engaged. A great way to do this is to send out emails regularly. I usually send out emails every Friday or every second Friday. You don’t want it to be overkill, but you also don’t want to wait so long to email people that they forget who you are.

If you’re stuck on what to send your list download my email list freebie: 10 things to send your list!


When you’re sending out emails to your list, make sure you fill them with value! Like your blog, you want your list to bring your readers back for more. You don’t want them to skip by your emails or unsubscribe, and they won’t if they know you give them something valuable in every email they open. They’ll never miss one! When you give your list value, you keep them committed to your tribe. You also grow their trust and they’ll look forward to hearing from you each and every time!


Before starting an email list you should definitely know exactly who your target reader is. This makes creating content so much easier, whether it’s for your blog, social media accounts or email newsletters. When you know who your target reader is, you know their pain points and struggles, so you can send emails that address these things!

For example, if you blog for new moms who struggle with finding a balance between baby and life, you can send emails with tips to be productive when your baby naps, or send them a daily planning printable to help them organize their time!


Social media is another great way to grow your email list! I’ve joined a number of Facebook groups and most of them have promo days where you can share your latest blog post or promote your latest email opt in. If you have a relevant opt-in for the group (whether it’s a workbook, challenge or free email course), promote it there on promo days!

You can also schedule posts throughout the day to promote your free downloads. The more you put it out into the digital world, the more subscribers you’ll get! Just make sure you’re posting it to social channels where you audience hangs out. If your target reader doesn’t use Instagram, posting about your opt in on Instagram won’t do any good, no matter how awesome it is!

Something else you can do is put a link to one of your opt ins in your social media profiles, whether you’re using Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter. Create a catchy one-liner and leave a link to your most popular freebie! For instance, if you’ve created an Instagram cheat sheet, on your Instagram bio you can put something like, “Grab my Instagram cheat sheet to sky rocket your followers: [link here].”

Without an email list, it’s really hard to grow a loyal fan base, and even harder to sell your products/services. You have full control of your email list and your subscribers want to be there, so make sure you continue to send them valuable emails on the regular!

Have any questions about growing your email list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Email marketing is key if you want to grow your blog and make money blogging. From using social media to creating awesome opt-ins, these are my best tips and ideas to get more subscribers. Click through to read my post on how to grow your email list to your first 1,000 subscribers and save this pin for others to read too!





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  1. These are great tips! It is my current focus actually 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! So happy to hear you’re focusing on your list, good luck!

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