Who else is feeling the winter blues? Other than New Year’s day and my birthday,  January can be a rather blue month. The holidays are over, it’s cold, and winter seems like it just may never end. This January has felt especially gloomier than others. We’ve hardly seen any sun here in Toronto. It feels like day after day it’s gloomy and rainy outside, which is such a buzz kill for your mood and motivation.

Not to mention the havoc winter temperatures can wreak on your skin and hair. Chapped lips, dry skin and brittle hair are just a few of the consequences of freezing, damp weather.

I’m no stranger to any of the above. I’ve opened up before about my sensitive skin, and I’ve let my hair grow out naturally, which means more frizz and damage from heat tools. (PS. If you didn’t know, I used to get Japanese hair straightening done every year, but decided to see how it feels to go au naturel…the jury is still out, but I’ll keep you posted!).

Winter Beauty Tips 2

One thing I’m finding is, in the winter, my hair is feeling dryer, and without a proper skincare regime, it’s a recipe for disaster. I’m always super careful about what I put on my skin. So many things have broken me out in the past, but I’ve been doing more research and talking to more people with similar skin as me to see what works for them.

I’ve found some awesome beauty tips (and products) that have been working wonders for my skin and hair this winter, so I wanted to share them with my dear readers who may struggle with the same things.


I never used to exfoliate my skin because I thought it would be too harsh, but exfoliation is really important. It wipes away dead skin cells and replenishes your complexion, as long as you’re using a top quality product. I was introduced to the Lumière de Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask and have been using it for the past few months. Lumière is know as one of the top of the top when it comes to skincare, so I decided to trust the mask and see for myself!

This product is a mask and an exfoliator combined, and it is incredible! I use it once a week and have been seeing great results. After you wash your skin, apply an even amount of the mask all over your face and let it sit for about 20 minutes. When you rinse it off, gently rub the product into your skin. This is where the exfoliation comes in.

The bentonite clays detoxify your skin, and I’ve noticed that my complexion is so much brighter after I use it. It really creates a great glow and it’s helped to clear up my skin so much. It also makes my skin sooo much smoother, which is key in the winter months!


As I mentioned above, I stopped getting the Japanese hair straightening process almost two years ago now, so my hair has pretty much fully grown out. My hair seemed healthier when I had the process done (I go to a really amazing Japanese hair salon!) since I didn’t have to use hot tools as much. I wanted to take a break from the process because I’m not too fond of having so many chemicals so close to my head, but I’ve really been noticing how much more damaged my hair feels from using hot tools.

Especially in the winter, I always make sure to dry my hair with a blow dryer before going outside and usually before going to bed so it’s not a disaster after I sleep on it. And the hair dryer does a lot of harm. I’ve noticed a lot of split ends this winter and my hair just didn’t feel as smooth as it used to. I was in need of major hair help!

I’ve been using Fixx Argan Oil Conditioner and it has been working wonders on my damaged winter hair. Not only have I noticed that it helps with split ends, it also helps eliminate frizz! If you’re like me, frizz is your worst enemy, so it’s crucial to invest in a product that smooths out and hydrates your hair, and just makes it feel great!

Winter Beauty Tips


Skin care and beauty products aren’t all created equal. Some are lighter and more beneficial for the warm summer months, while others were specifically formulated for the harsh winter season.

Make sure you are switching your products to ones made for winter skin. And if something isn’t working for you, try something else. If nothing changes, nothing changes.


Does anyone know if you can be a lip chap addict? Because I think I am one. If I don’t have lip chap in the winter, my lips dry out in a SECOND. Thankfully I came across Motives 40Fy Lip Treatment this year and it literally never leaves my side. If you’ve been curse with chapped winter skin, you need this in your life!


Getting a proper night’s rest is important for your skin, but you can go one step further and use a night mask to increase moisture and hydrate overnight. Lancôme’s recovery mask has done amazing things for my skin this winter (you can grab it at Sephora!). It’s not actually a full mask, it’s a thicker cream you can slather on your skin and leave on overnight.

I’ve noticed my skin is much more energized in the morning after using it. A good night’s sleep is incredibly important, but for the nights where work (or Netflix) get the best of you, a recovery cream like this will be your saving grace! Again, I don’t use this every night, maybe once or twice a week depending on how dry my skin feels!

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And of course, the tip of all tips, make sure you’re drinking TONS of water. I know, I know, I probably sound like your mom (but moms are the best, aren’t they?!). Seriously thoough, drinking water will help your complexion SO much. It keeps it hydrated so it’s less likely to get dry and flakey. Water flushes out toxins from your body that can lead to blemishes in your skin, plus it increases your energy levels and immune system!

I do admit, I can do better with this one. I like to start my day off with a big glass of water and drink it throughout the day, but sometimes I definitely slip. I always make sure to drink lots of water on days when I work out, and I notice I feel a lot better on the days where I increase my water intake! Just this one tip can make a world of difference!

Do you have any winter beauty tips? I’d love to hear them?

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