If it wasn’t for social media I don’t know how bloggers would survive. Of course there are other ways to promote your blog, but with social media you can reach people all around the world who want to hear what you have to say! Plus, it’s an awesome way to grow your community and tribe. I’ve met so many people over social media who I wouldn’t have even known existed without it.

But back to driving traffic to your blog. You can’t just write a post and hope people will find it. Trust me, I’ve tried that, and it doesn’t work! You need to be promoting your posts on social media – that’s where your audience hangs out.

Social Media

A good rule of thumb is to use the 20/80 rule. This means that 20% of your time should be focused on creating content for your blog and 80% of your time should be spent promoting that content.

But you don’t need to promote on every social media channel. Pick three or four that you love most (and that your target readers hang out on) and put your energy into those. Trying to promote everywhere is when things can get messy.

Below, I’m showing you my four favourite social media platforms to promote my content, plus some others you might be interested in for promoting yours! And if you use the same social media platforms as me (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) to promote your blog posts, I’ve created a social media checklist for you to follow once you’ve published a post!

If you’re a fan of my blog you probably know that Pinterest has been essential in growing my blog traffic. I wrote a whole post about how to use Pinterest to grow your blog here, but here are the main takeaways:

  • Pinterest has become my biggest referrer of all
  • I use Tailwind and BoardBooster to schedule about 100 pins a day (to my boards and to group boards)
  • Make sure you:

1. Create eye-catching pinnable images for every blog post
2. Use keywords in your pin descriptions
3. Group boards are key! Join group boards so you can promote your posts on the daily and get your content in front of a bigger audience (not just your followers!).

100 pins a day may seem bonkers to some people, but I really believe that being active on any social media platform is the key to more followers and more engagement. Make your pins stand out and make your pin descriptions so awesome that people have to click through to read your post!

I schedule two of my posts to all of my group boards each day so that my posts are continually promoted on a daily basis.

Facebook has become another great source of traffic for me. I don’t have many followers on my blog Facebook page, but joining Facebook groups with other bloggers and entrepreneurs has been amazing for my growth.

Many of the Facebook groups I’m part of have promo days where you can post your latest blog post or favourite social media post. Engagement is usually great on promo days! I urge you to find Facebook groups to join! I list a few of my favourites in this post.

I use Instagram more to share glimpses of my everyday life and to promote my lifestyle posts. I’ve recently switched from a full on lifestyle blogger to helping other lifestyle bloggers build their blog and biz! But I still throw in a lifestyle post here and there to give some inspiration and examples to my readers (that’s you!).

Social Media
As you can see in my Instagram bio, I include a link to my latest blog post so people can click through right away. Any photo I post that’s promoting one of my blog posts, I always make sure to tell my followers to click the link in my bio to read my post.

Social Media
Sometimes people just need to be told what to do. If you don’t tell them to click the link in your bio, they might not even think to do so. You need to give them a little nudge.

Out of all the social media platforms I use, Twitter gets the least love. It’s something I’m trying to work on for sure! With Twitter, it’s important that you’re promoting other people’s content, not just your own. I have a few favourite websites that I skim each morning to find posts to tweet out throughout the day.

I use Buffer to schedule my tweets and I love it! It creates your schedule for you based on when your tweets perform best, and you can add as many time slots as you want.

I’ve heard that the day you come out with a post you should promote it around 5 times on Twitter. But make sure there are other posts in between so your feed isn’t flooded with the same post.

When you tweet others’ content, make sure you tag them! I always do this, and even big bloggers will like, share or respond to my tweet! One of my favourite bloggers even followed me back on Twitter! That was something I didn’t think would happen, and definitely wouldn’t have if I hadn’t tagged her and let her know I was promoting her post!

In terms of other people’s posts that you tweet, make sure they’re in line with your content. For me, I post about blogging, social media and entrepreneurial tips, and throw in some lifestyle posts as well.

Those are four of my favourite social media platforms to promote my content. Depending on what you blog about, other popular places you can promote your posts are:

Google +

Whichever social media platforms you choose, be consistent with them. You’ll build a community and loyal followers when you are present and constantly providing them with great content!

Social media is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog! Don’t forget to use the checklist to ensure you’re promoting your content consistently and in turn, exploding your traffic!

What are your favourite social media platforms to use to drive traffic to your blog? Why? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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