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Hey guys! I know I missed a post last week. I was really under the weather and since it was a short week (in Canada), things have been quite crazy around here, but I’m back with a blog traffic report for July! July was a good month. As you’ll see in this traffic report I didn’t see as much growth as I would have liked, but I’ve heard summer is a slower season for bloggers.

I also wasn’t on Pinterest for a full week as I was trying to figure out which scheduler I wanted to use, so I think that also had something to do with it as Pinterest is my biggest traffic driver! If you’re new around here, or would like a reminder, you can check my Month 1 blog update here!

I’m still happy with the effort I put into growing my blog and the results I’m seeing. I’ve been getting a lot of comments which means my readers (YOU GUYS!) are engaging with my content, and that makes me the happiest of all! I love hearing from you guys, so whether it’s a comment or email, please know how ecstatic it makes me 🙂
Traffic Report

Alright, I know what you’re here for – let’s get to the good stuff!


June: 4,709

Goal for July: 8,500

Actual for July: 6,678


I failed in terms of my page views goal. I’m disappointed, but okay with it. Like I said, I missed an entire week pinning. Part of that was choosing a scheduler and part of it was just slacking off (let’s be honest) and it did make quite a difference! Like I’ve said, Pinterest is queen when it comes to blogging! And if you want to know how I’ve been using Pinterest to grow my blog, check out this post!

Goal for next month: 8,500

Since I didn’t reach that goal last month (and still have a ways to go), I’m going to keep my goal at 8,500. I really hope I can reach it, and will be sharing my posts like crazy on Pinterest and my Facebook groups! I’ve been getting a lot of love from the Facebook groups I’m part of lately, which has been so great! I’ll definitely keep promoting on those! Twitter and Instagram haven’t shown me as much love, but Instagram continues to be my favourite social media site to engage with new like-minded people and bloggers!


June: 46

Goal for July: 200

Actual for July: 141

I grew my list by almost 100 people in July! So even though I didn’t reach my goal of 200, I’m still super pumped about it!

What did I do? I offered new incentives including a Pinterest workbook, Epic post checklist and SEO checklist! My Pinterest workbook has been my highest converting incentive, although my Instagram e-book has had the most subscribers!

I also switched over from Mailchimp to Convertkit for my email provider. With Convertkit you can create customizable (and really pretty) opt-in forms and I just love all of their features. Having an awesome email provider is something I’m happy to invest in for my blog!

Goal for next month: I’d love to get to 250 subscribers by the end of the month!


At the beginning of July, I decided to switch up my Pinterest scheduling. Previously I had been using BoardBooster only, and now I am using both BoardBooster and Tailwind. I use Tailwind to schedule all of my pins and BoardBooster to loop my pins. Looping means it takes pins from the bottom of my boards and loops them to the top.

One of the biggest things that urged me to switch my scheduling to Tailwind is that it is an official partner of Pinterest’s. Boardbooster isn’t, and it may be in the future, but until it is I’m a bit skeptical about using it for scheduling all of my pins.

Tailwind also has amazing features – it needs its own blog post, which will be coming soon, but in short it allows you to easily pin to a customizable schedule, create board lists to pin to, and see analytics for your pins!

In terms of my Pinterest following and analytics, I’m very happy with my progress!


June: 1,128

Goal for July: 1.5K

Actual for July: 1,497 – SO close, so we’ll call it a win 😉

Goal for next month: 2K

As I said in last month’s growth report the number of followers you have doesn’t matter so much anymore, but it’s still nice to see them grow!

Monthly views

June: 106, 314

Goal for July: 150,000

Actual for July: 191, 676 – WOOHOO! I blew that goal out of the water with almost 200,000 monthly Pinterest views! Very, very happy about that!

Goal for next month: 300,000 – let’s just go for it, right!?

Overall, I’m happy with my progress even though I didn’t grow as much as would have liked! I’m planning some exciting things for the end of summer/beginning of fall and can’t wait to share it all with you guys!

Were you happy with your blog growth in July? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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