Something I’ve learned over my years of blogging is that you need to share really epic content if you want to be successful. The most share-worthy blog posts spew tons of knowledge, solve a problem for your readers, tell a personal story, make people laugh, etc.

For example, let’s say you’re a fashion blogger. Which of these blog posts do you think will attract more people? A blog post where you tell people what you’re wearing and what brand each piece is, or a blog post that tells your audience why the pieces you’re wearing work together, why you chose to mix the colours and patterns in your outfit, whether the fabric was breathable on a hot day, where you wore the outfit and why, etc.

The second example provides so much more juicy info. Sure, you’ll see some big bloggers basically write three sentences about what they’re wearing and call it a day. But guess what? They’re already super successful so they can get away with it. And personally I don’t get much from those bloggers, so they’re not blogs I visit frequently.

When you give your readers AWESOME content, they won’t have a choice but to come back to get more. Plus, they’ll want to share it with all their friends! My post on how to land sponsored posts has been re-pinned almost 1,000 times on Pinterest, with many of my other posts reaching the same share-worthy success.

And do you know when this started happening? When I started writing content that really helped people solve a problem! I don’t hold back, I’m sharing everything I’m learning and that, my friends, is what people want to read. I also took the Blog Clarity Content Brew course, which shows you tons of tips and tricks to come up with awesome content for your blog! (Yes, yes, that’s an affiliate link, but as always, I would never recommend something to you guys that I didn’t absolutely love and didn’t help me as a blogger!).

If you want to learn the exact steps I take when creating epic, share-worthy blog posts, let’s get to it!

PS. This is one long, in-depth post. So I made you a free 2-page checklist that you can follow to make sure every blog post you create is extra epic! It includes every step I take when writing my blog posts and will act as your ultimate guide!


Before you write an epic blog post, you have to come up with an epic topic! Every day I think up new topics while I’m browsing the web, grocery shopping or even in spin class. Anytime you think of a topic you want to blog about, write it down!

I have one main Word document where I store all my ideas. If an idea comes to you when you’re out and about, write it down in your phone and make sure to switch it over to your main doc so you have all your ideas in the same place.

If you’re not into thinking up topics on the fly, have a brainstorm session. Sit down and write down all the topics you’d love to blog about! You can find inspiration on Pinterest (see the photo below), Google, and other websites and blog you love – just make sure you’re not stealing ideas!


When you’re ready to sit down and write, check to see if any of your ideas are trending and make those topics your priority! You can check this on places like Twitter and Google Trends. Also think about things like the time of year. Is a certain holiday coming up? If any of your topics can we worked in around a certain holiday, write them up! People love the holidays, and they work really well on Pinterest!

Then think about the following: Will the topic help someone in some way? Does it solve a problem? Will your target reader feel connected to it? Can you provide awesome knowledge, tips and information about the topic?

If the answer is yes to all of the above, then you’ve got an epic topic!


Once you’ve decided on your topic, do your research. This is when you can check out other blogs – what’s working for them? Remember – you are NOT copying their ideas, but you can get a sense of what their readers are specifically drawn to, what you like about their post and what you don’t, and how you can put your own spin on the topic.

If your topic also requires other research, this is the time to do it! Most of my posts are based on my experiences and what I’ve learned, but sometimes I conduct extra research to enhance the post.


Some people like to come up with a title before they write, and some people prefer to leave it until after the post is written. Either way works, but make the title something people can’t resist! Make it specific and make it mind-blowing! Instead of titling your post ‘How to Use Pinterest’, title it ‘5 Pinterest Strategies That Will Totally Change The Game.’

Also make sure to use a keyword or key phrase. Don’t just title a post ‘My Favorite Skirt’, try something like ‘Why The Midi Skirt is the Ultimate Vacation Staple.’ ‘Midi skirt’ and ‘vacation’ are both keywords that do well in search engines. Plus, the first example doesn’t really tell your readers what exactly your post will be about, while the second one gives them a solid intro!


I suggest writing your posts up in a program like Word, Evernote, or Google Docs rather than directly in WordPress. I’ve heard horror stories of WordPress glitches and people losing all their work! It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry, especially when writing an EPIC post!

And remember – When writing your content, be helpful, solve a problem for your readers, get personal, be truthful, be transparent, provide tips and how-to’s, tell them what you’ve learned and what you know! They’ll eat it up!


Make sure your blog post is easy for people to read. Create short paragraphs that are no longer than 5 lines each. Also, add subheadings to break up different topics within your topic. Imagine this post was just one long essay without chopping it up into different sub topics? YIKES!


When you copy your post into WordPress, make sure it formats properly, and if it doesn’t, make any necessary changes.


Blog posts with photos are always more successful than blog posts without photos. People are visual beings and they like to have some eye candy! Also make sure to add in a feature image for each of your posts!

Looking for some free styled stock photos for your blog? I’ve got just the thing for you right here!



Add in an SEO keyword (download the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress if you don’t have it yet!), tags, and categories for your post.


Using PicMonkey, Canva, Photoshop or another graphic design program, create a pinnable image for your post – make sure it’s vertical (I usually make mine around 800 x 1090), has a nice image, text overlay with the title of you post, and your water mark.

Create a description for your pinnable image that you place in your alt-text and insert it into your post!


Try to stick to a consistent posting schedule. I know it’s not always possible, and I’m definitely guilty of straying from my own schedule, but consistency is key. Schedule your posts for the same time and days each week. Your readers will come to rely on this and look forward to your posts!


Schedule your posts on all of your social media channels for the day it goes live. There are social media scheduling tools such as Hootsuite that make this super easy to do. Scheduling your post to social media right when you’ve completed it will ensure you don’t forget to do it when your post is published!

12) EDIT

Give it a rest for a while. Read a book, cook dinner, go for a run. Come back to your post and edit it. It’s always good to give your eyes a little break before editing. I like to read my posts in ‘Preview’ mode on WordPress and make any necessary changes.

13) PIN

Once the post is published, pin it to every board you can! PS. If you’re not on Pinterest yet and have no idea what I’m talking about, no worries! But I do think you SHOULD be. That’s why a big, AWESOME Pinterest post is in the works and coming your way next week! WEE!

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The anatomy of a share-worthy blog post has certain elements that make it stand out. If you’re stumped on how to write a blog post that people will love and share, I’ve got tons of ideas and inspiration for you! From how to create mind-blowing titles to scheduling social media, this is how to write an epic, share-worthy blog post! Plus, you’ll get a free checklist! Click through to read or save this pin for later.

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