Photos can make or break your blog and social media accounts. If you have amazing content, but people aren’t wowed by your aesthetic and photos, it makes it less likely for them to stick around. I’m not saying they won’t, but think about the blogs that you’re most drawn to. They probably have really pretty photos, right? Thought so.

If you’re a good photographer, the best way to get photos for your blog and Instagram is to take your own, but I know that’s not always possible for everyone. You may not have time, or you may not be the best at snapping photos, resulting in dimly lit, off-focused, crooked pics. And that’s why I’ve compiled a list of free and styled stock photos for bloggers!

I try to take as many as I can for Layered Indulgence, but when I can’t, I rely on stock photos! I have a membership with Haute Chocolate, but I’ve also found some amazing sources for styled (and free!) stock photos that work perfectly for lifestyle blogs!

If you’re a new blogger, you may be wondering what exactly stock photos are and if you need them. The answer? Yes- well, if you’re not using your own photos that is. Stock photos are photos from online photograph databases that you can legally use for creative purposes, such as on your blog or social media accounts. Some databases you have to pay for and some you don’t, but you should never be using photos you find elsewhere on the internet.

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Do you need free, styled, and feminine stock photos for your website or social media? You’re in the right place! Create a gorgeous brand with styled desktop photography and lifestyle shots. These are the best free stock photo resources for creative business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers, so click through to check them out and save this pin for others to see!
I never realized the danger of this, but check out this story from Chrystie at Living for Naptime. She was sued $7,500 for using a photo from the web that she didn’t have rights to. What a nightmare! And it all could have been avoided by using stock photos. Many bloggers don’t realize that they can get in trouble for using photos they don’t own.

If you’re like me when I started blogging, you probably think that as long as you credit the photo you’re free to use it however you like. While some people don’t mind you using their photos with credit, you never really know, so it’s better to be safe than land in the middle of an expensive lawsuit!

Okay, enough with the law talk. If you’ve ever visited a blog that has pretty, styled photos, they are most likely stock photos. So yes, you can have that aesthetic on your blog too! And the best part? You can have it for free! Many bloggers offer styled stock photos on their blog as part of their opt-in freebie or as a nice little resource, and I’ve rounded up all of my favourites!

If you’ve been searching for a way to up the photo game on your blog, you’re in the right place! Use these photos to create a feminine, chic, and styled aesthetic, and watch your blog beautifully grow! Here are 10 places to find styled (and free!!!) stock photos for your blog.

1) Haute Chocolate

If you haven’t checked out Haute Chocolate yet, you need to! Elegant, feminine, and chic, their designs and photos are everything a lifestyle blogger could want.

You can sign up here to get your first two free photos, and you’ll get new ones emailed to you each month! It’s worth it wait!

2) Wonderlass

I stumbled across Allyson’s blog Wonderlass a few months ago and was immediately HOOKED. Her blog is so fun and colourful, and she also offers 15 free stock photos to use to your heart’s desire!

You can grab the photos here!

3) Helene In Between

Helene Sula is one of my favourite bloggers. On top of her relatable content and UBER informative posts, she also offers her readers amazing resources- and one of them is styled stock photos. All her images are fun, feminine and crisp, and will look amazing on any lifestyle blog!

Click here to access 15 totally FREE stock photos. All she asks is if you download, share it – easy, peasy!

4) Rekita Nicole

As soon as I entered Rekita Nicole’s site I was enamoured. She’s a graphic and web designer who creates color poppin’ creations for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. And you better believe her fun and colourful personality translate to her stock photos. With lots of pastels, glitter and stationary, it is styled photography at its finest.

Download the pack here! But read the fine print – she does ask that if you use them on your blog to credit her website, and if you use them on Instagram, credit @rekitanicoledesigns. Fair enough!

5) Ashley Ella Design

Ashley’s blog is filled with clean lines, bright colours, and beautiful photographs, so when she offers free stock photos, you jump! She provides 10 free stock photos here, and another 10 here! Go crazy! But do make sure to credit her.

6) A Prettier Web

A Prettier Web is devoted to just that, offering gorgeous WordPress themes, styled stock photos and more!

To grab the lovely, feminine desktop photos (for free!) sign up here! No attribution necessary for using the pics.

7) Wonerfelle Media

Wonderfelle Media offers 10 free feminine stock photos and they are gorgeous and perfect for your lifestyle blog! Click here to download the images and make sure to read the terms of use.

8) Mauve Blogs

Mauve Blogs was created for women who are passionate and want to grow their creative business. Sound like you?

Download 3 free stock photos here! She also tells you all about how she styled and took the photos, in case you want to try it out yourself!

9) Gold and Berry

The Gold and Berry blog has a trendy and feminine aesthetic that I just love! And they offer a number of free stock photos! Click the links below to grab yours and revamp your blog! There are no terms, so use them how you like!

1. Minimalist

2. Pink and gold

3. Gold, white and pink

10) This Creative Girl

I absolutely adore This Creative Girl and her free stock photos are awesome! Featuring everything from a cute succulent to tropical props, they’ll add a pop of personality to your blog or social platforms!

Click here to sign up for her newsletter and get access to her library that includes the stock photos!


11) Turquoise & Palm
Turquoise & Palm has an amazing stock photo gallery filled with pictures for bloggers and creative business owners. They’re bright, styled and feminine and you get 15 FREE photos when you sign up for Alli’s list, plus a few free photos sent to your inbox every month. Sign up for the newsletter here!

So go on, you have a lot of downloading to do! If you know of anywhere else that offers amazing styled stock photos FO FREE, make sure to share them in the comment section below!

And make sure to pin the image below so your friends can find these awesome free and styled stock photos too!

If you’re looking for great graphics for your blog, look no further! I’ve rounded up the best free and styled stock photos for bloggers from around the web! Take your blogging up a notch and add in these gorgeous photos to your posts. They’re perfect for lifestyle blogs with a feminine touch! Click through to get access to the styled stock photos or save this post for later!

If you’re looking for great graphics for your blog, look no further! I’ve rounded up the best free and styled stock photos for bloggers from around the web! Take your blogging up a notch and add in these gorgeous photos to your posts. They’re perfect for lifestyle blogs with a feminine touch! Click through to get access to the styled stock photos or save this post for later!

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