With every winter comes cold and flu season, and while I’ve dodged the flu so far (knock on wood) I’ve had an annoying cough and stuffed up nose for the past two weeks. YES, two whole weeks. I was just about recovered when New Years Eve came along, which meant a lack of sleep and a multiple-day hangover, so here we are.

Except for the few days I spent wrapped up in a blanket on the couch I luckily haven’t felt bad at all. Having a cough is so irritating, but you really can just go on living your life without it getting in the way. For the days that I did spend curled up feeling helpless however, there were a few essentials that got me by (and since my mom was home on Christmas break, I’d be lying if I said she wasn’t one of them).
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When you’re sick you pretty much care about nothing expect for what you’re going to watch on TV and what you can haphazardly throw together to eat or drink. A trip to the store is usually out of the question, so it’s better to have these things on hand for the days you wake up feeling under the weather. Check out 8 essentials that will make your sick day the most enjoyable it can be.

Flannel pjs
If you’re sick the last thing you want or need to worry about is getting dressed! Flannel pjs are comfy, cozy and warm – all you really need when you’re spending the day on the couch. I LOVE this set from J Crew.

Depending on the type of sickness you have, there are different teas that will help you through your sick day. With my cough I went through an entire bag of citrus lavender sage from Teavana, which helped soothe my throat. Peppermint tea is great if you have an upset stomach and anything with ginger will help curb nausea. Stick to herbal and rooibos teas so that you’re free of caffeine – this way you can relax and sleep the day away.

Oregano Oil
The second I get sick my dad hands me the oregano oil and although it tastes TERRIBLE (it’s extremely potent) it really does make a difference. You can literally feel it stinging the effected areas – that’s how you know it’s working. I like to wash it down with a big glass of water or orange juice, but I always have it on hand when I’m sick.

Chicken soup
There is actually truth behind the chicken soup sickness cure! Okay, so it’s not a miracle worker but a good chicken soup will help boost your immune system and stave off viruses and bacteria. I’m not talking Campbell’s, I mean a proper chicken soup, filled with green veggies, real chicken soup broth and fresh herbs. Click here for an awesome recipe! (note: you may need to recruit your mom/dad, BFF or S.O. for this one).

Essential oils
If you can make your way off your couch or bed, run yourself a warm bath with essential oils- I’d recommend eucalyptus for a cold. Not only will you feel nice and relaxed, eucalyptus oil will open up your airways and strengthen your immune system.

Vitamin C
Whether it’s in the form of orange juice, clementines, supplements or drops give your self a good dose of vitamin C – it’s a super antioxidant and will help you get back to your healthy self.

Throw blanket
When you’re feeling under the weather, the best thing for you is lots of rest and sleep, and what better way to rest than bundled up in a big, warm blanket. I have a faux fur one in my living room that always does the trick to keep me comfy (just like this!) Wrap yourself up and dose off watching your favourite movie or Netflix binge.

Reading material
If you’re tired of watching TV, make sure you have a bunch of books or magazines you can burry your nose in! Good reading material can help you stay relaxed and entertained.

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